Attracting Talent With Behavioral Assessments Can Give You an Edge

attracting talentGot people? Got really good people? Do your competitors?


An important part of any company’s growth strategy is attracting talent. A global talent shortage means that companies are competing for the right talent, just as they compete for customers and market share. Likewise, just as informed marketing strategies make it easier to hit the target audience with brand messages, informed talent acquisition is giving companies like yours the data they need to match positions with the ideal candidate.


Whether your company is in a growth trajectory, a time of reorganization or getting started in a new industry, you need ways to keep your talent pipeline full. In the past, leaders in business organizations were forced to rely on what is called “resource-focused” techniques for getting the right talent into place.


Resource-focused plans for attracting talent tend to look primarily at projections for costs and headcounts in the organization. While this strategy includes a couple of the major considerations impacting the bottom line in a rudimentary way, it cannot assess the impact that each hired individual’s behaviors and tendencies have on the success and culture of your company.


Instead, you need a more all-encompassing way of understanding the ways new talent affects your bottom line — not only toward salary and cost of hiring, but also information about a person’s expected behaviors, attitudes and self-perceptions. (This is referred to as a behavioral assessment. A skills assessment is often paired alongside it). With behavioral and skills assessments, you can learn to look at team data and ensure the best job fit for talent that’s coming in and the talent that is already on board.


The benefit of using behavioral assessments as part of your workplace analytics measurements is that you are likely to see an increase in employee engagement, job satisfaction and talent retention. Many times, behavioral assessments form the core of the best workplace analytics tools for attracting talent. They provide a reliable appraisal of an employee’s (or potential employee’s) motivational drives and innate needs in the workplace – as well as helping you predict how they’ll perform on the job.


Behavioral assessments provide companies with the tools needed to retain quality employees and align them with the position or role that best fits their motivations and drives. They also help companies succeed in times of change, reorganization or growth. In fact, the Aberdeen Research Group reports that 92 percent of companies are using assessment data to improve workplace performance. These companies know that reliable data is useful for not only financial reporting and marketing, but for organizational strategies as well.


PI Consulting Group provides behavioral assessment for good companies who want to be great. If you are interested in not only attracting talent, but optimizing the roles of the talent you already have, please give us a call. With the sophisticated analysis available in the PI System, you send the message that you care about the talent you hire – and that can be one more competitive edge you’re looking for.