Are You Using Behavioral Assessment for Success?

behavioral assessmentMany companies recognize a need to assess their current talent resources and then evaluate them in light of plans for future growth. You may be aware of differences between current talent and your future needs, but you may have never taken a formal measurement of these important factors. Assisted by behavioral assessment tools, you can get a clearer picture of your current talent versus the additional talent you may need as you grow.


If your company is embarking on an analysis of your talent needs for the future, there are a few steps you can take for successful strategic workforce planning:


Create strategic alignment. This is a high-level assessment of where your company is headed. It includes components like vision and mission statements as well as any new business ventures or other opportunities that can significantly change the course of your company’s future. This step should be conducted in a partnership between leadership and multiple departments.


Evaluate the current organization. A thorough evaluation of the current situation in your company includes the use of behavioral assessment to gain an understanding of the innate drives, capacities, strengths and motivations of your staff. Strategic leaders will also evaluate the top performers of each position to determine the profile of future hires, as well as to gain more insight into


Forecast the future workforce needs. The objective with this step is to identify the critical success factors, the unknowns and the risks that are important for the future of the company. This step also documents the organizational structure, workforce needs or gaps and key requirements for the growth plan of the company.


Analyze the gaps. This type of analysis will allow your team to identify the gaps between the current state of the talent in your organization and the talent needed for the future. This often leads to a “build or buy” discussion, in which decisions must be made about whether to develop existing talent or go in search of a new hire. (Note: Using behavioral assessment tools can help you maximize the strengths of your current talent, potentially saving you the costs of new hires).


Develop an action plan. This step is designed to put feet to your vision for talent development. You will want to list specific actions and behaviors that you will take to ensure that your company’s visions and goals are supported by the talent they require.


Execute, monitor and adapt. As you carry out your plan, continue to engage with it. As results become available, you will need to create some room for adaptation. Continue to focus on behavioral assessment as a reliable tool to optimize your team of talent.


The steps listed above are a quick summary of a comprehensive process for strategic workforce planning. To read more about this method, access the full white paper available on the PI Worldwide site.


At PI Consulting Group, we provide behavioral assessment tools that are in-depth, but fully accessible and applicable to your company’s needs. With the PI System, behavioral assessment is just one aspect of the ongoing partnership we offer for helping you develop your best team possible.