Effective Conflict Resolution Saves Money and Time

conflict resolutionAre you intentional about your actions and decisions relating to conflict resolution? A combination of personalities and communication styles can make workplace disagreements inevitable. Your ability to recognize the signs of a storm brewing and use effective conflict resolution can save you serious money and time.


The cost of conflict is high, and when you tack on the negative effects of turnover, absenteeism, litigation and health costs, it gives you an incentive to make conflict resolution a focus of your management team. Workplace conflict can make your team inefficient, taking their focus away from the execution of company goals and placing it on their frustration over the conflict.


Here are three mistakes that often occur in workplace conflict resolution:


1. Leading With Emotions
Conflicts often begin because of the emotional lens through which individuals view events. Instead of considering the motivations and drives that may be influencing the behaviors or words of a coworker, they only consider their own perspective.

Behavioral assessments provide important information about motivations and drives, taking emotion out of the picture and providing objective information to explain a coworker’s actions.


2. Focusing on the Person, Instead of the Problem
When navigating a situation requiring conflict resolution, encourage each party to focus on the root of the problem — not the people involved.

When your company has the information ready from a behavioral assessment, it’s easier to focus on solutions to a problem that satisfy everyone’s motivations in the situation. The data provides an objective way to evaluate what’s at stake and create a conflict resolution plan that solves the problem without sacrificing what’s important to each party.


3. Failing to Create a Plan
Having a plan for conflict resolution is a healthy way to address problems in the workplace. Workplace analytics help a company create a solution that is considered acceptable and effective to each party involved. Behavioral demographics give managers the data they need to create a plan that includes effective communication, delegation and risk-taking measures that will take into consideration the individual tendencies and drives of each person.


Behavioral assessments require an investment, but they send a message to employees that you care about their fit with the company, and about effective conflict resolution in the workplace. When your employees feel supported in their concern for resolving a conflict, you reduce stress, turnover and litigation.


Instead of reacting to conflicts in your workplace, take a proactive stance to help coworkers understand each other’s behavioral drives and motivational needs. With the PI System, you will have the information you need to not only resolve conflicts effectively, but, in many cases, predict areas of potential problems.


Call the PI Consulting Group to set up an initial meeting. We will discuss your company’s unique needs and how behavioral assessment combined with specialized consultation can send the message that you truly care about conflict resolution.