Three Benefits of Pre-Employment Screening Based on Data

pre-employment screeningYou may not realize it, but you are using Big Data to make many decisions, both critical and relatively unimportant. You access Yelp to seek out reviews for restaurants and you read reviews before buying a book on Amazon. You may even be using Facebook or LinkedIn to check out the profile of someone involved in an upcoming meeting. When it comes to pre-employment screening, however, you may still be using your instincts to choose your best candidate. Why?


You can’t afford to keep ignoring the possibilities of data-driven talent management, and particularly in pre-employment screening. Much of the data available for talent management is left unaccessed.


Behavioral assessments provide reliable, data-driven results that tell you valuable information about your candidate. This includes motivations, tendencies and what they value. Here are three reasons why you should be using Big Data in the form of behavioral assessments for your pre-employment screening:


1. How will they fit? Determining whether a candidate will fit with your company culture often has a lot to do with whether your new employee sticks around for the long haul. Are you a progressive company with a game room, casual dress code and flexible hours? It’s critical to find out before the hire if your candidate is a match for your corporate structure. There are data-driven tools to gather and analyze this information.


2. What’s their communication style? Are they a detailed person that needs a complete explanation on every project, or are they adept at reading between the lines to deliver on a project? Maybe they are motivated by praise and will be a perfect fit for a manager that uses a lot of encouraging tactics to get results. This is another area that is often treated as a detail, but it’s the type of factor that influences a person’s happiness in their job and could determine whether they have a successful tenure with your company.


3. Do they take the lead or follow? Particularly if you are working to fit a new hire into a team, you’ll want to know the role that they will take in a team setting. Maybe you already have a couple of strong leaders on your team and you are looking for someone that contributes to the discussion in a supportive role and watches the details of a project. Or maybe you need someone that is willing to speak up when they don’t agree with the plan for a project. A behavioral assessment will give you critical data about these tendencies, and it is an important part of your pre-employment screening when building a team.


You use data for many decisions, both big and small, in the course of any day. So, why are you not doing the same with your hiring decisions? Compared to the wealth of information that you can access via a behavioral assessment, the education and experience listed on a resume is much more limited. Another note to keep in mind: Data uncovered from professional behavior assessments and skills assessments can be accessed daily as you make decisions, giving you the confidence you need to truly own your talent.


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