Use Pre-Employment Screening to Identify Your Strongest Applicants

pre employment screeningHiring holiday help may seem like it “counts” less than hiring for more permanent positions. However, this year is expected to be a great holiday sales season, with the economy getting back on its feet and consumers spending more. In fact, retailers could be pulling up to 40 percent of their total annual sales during the final months of the year. It’s time to think about how pre-employment screening could make your investment in holiday employees reap a solid return.


Here are four key strategies for getting the most out of your holiday help:


Begin pre-employment screening with assessments. Whether you are hiring just a few additional employees for the holidays or a large team, including a behavioral assessment in your strategies streamlines your hiring process. Using behavioral assessment data can guide you in evaluating behaviors, motivations and tendencies — making choosing the right candidates a much clearer decision. (Not to mention significantly reduce your rehiring costs).


Evaluate your existing employees. Assessing your existing talent pool will help you define behaviors that are most successful in any position. Use this data to replicate the most effective team members.


Similarly, use your best-performing employees to build a job description. Your pre-employment screening process should include measurement data from your current best employees as part of a job description. Which skills and behavioral characteristics are consistent among your top performers? Use this data to evaluate those applying for holiday help, and you will find that your overall team is stronger during the busy season.


Invest in onboarding. The biggest challenge for managers hiring holiday help is getting temporary employees up to speed quickly on the tasks necessary to do the job successfully. It may also be difficult to get a new hire acclimated to your company culture. Using a pre-employment screening tool like a behavioral assessment ensures that you have the right people in the positions you fill for holiday help. Assessments also help you determine whether a candidate fits with your company culture, eliminating some of the discomfort that can occur when an employee doesn’t fit the culture.


Typically, the holidays can feel a little crazy, as your permanent employees struggle to get your holiday help up to speed. However, with the right strategies in place for pre-employment screening, you may find that your holiday help gives your team the boost it needs for a successful end-of-year push. You may even find some excellent long-term employees in the process.


The PI System is a tool useful for pre-employment screening during holiday hiring season. Consider using it this year to launch a successful holiday season, and then build it into your company culture to optimize your talent management plan.


Give PI Consulting Group a call to discuss what the PI System can do for your hiring process. We help you offer a sophistication of care in your hiring process, helping you attract and keep the best talent.