Ulbrich Company Understands Benefits of Behavioral Assessment

behavioral assessmentsWondering as the year comes to a close how you can improve performance in 2016? Check out this summary about one family-owned company who is using behavioral assessment tools to achieve their goals.

At Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, behavioral assessment has been a key strategy for sustaining long-term growth and success. Founded in 1924, the company is considered to be a role model for businesses in their home state and remains a family-run business with third-generation family members in leadership roles.


Ulbrich is an international supplier of high-performance alloys to a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical and energy, as well as a wide range of consumer manufacturers. Over its 84-year history, Ulbrich has become a mid-sized corporation with facilities located across the world.


One of the key factors in the success of Ulbrich has been its low employee turnover. Many of the employees are multiple generation family members, and most management opportunities are filled with existing team members. With Ulbrich positioned for continuous growth, the company needed to prioritize the professional development of supervisors, managers and executives for ongoing success.


In 1988, when Mary Ulbrich Merlini, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Education, joined the company, her primary focus was the professional development of managers. During her training in the Predictive Index, Mary saw that the tool could provide benefits beyond upper management. She determined that the Predictive Index behavioral assessment could help middle managers and supervisors understand their motivations in leadership and their own communication styles. Senior management soon agreed to expand the use of behavioral management across the company.


The managers gained information at the training that taught them what motivated their teams for everyday productivity and success. Individual team members received results from their behavioral assessment that helped them understand why they enjoy certain parts of their job more than others. They also gained understanding of why they work well with certain managers, but not others.


Ulbrich’s leadership is committed to using behavioral assessment through the PI System to match their employees’ talents to compelling work. They believe that future success for Ulbrich depends on using the best tools available, including the Predictive Index.


This year, your company can also realize the same benefits gained by Ulbrich when using behavioral assessment to carefully align your talent with the right positions. Call PI Consulting Group for an initial consultation to see how the Predictive Index can help you optimize the talent you have for future growth and success.