Six Ways Top Companies Attract Employees Within a Positive Company Culture

company cultureRecently, Entrepreneur released its list of the Top Company Cultures, highlighting the high-performance cultures developed at large companies with more than 100 employees. In the companies making the list, company culture is a focus, driving adherence to a mission, the achievement of company goals and the cultivation of employee growth.


Many companies take ample time to decide on a mission, develop goals and create plans for employee growth. However, many executives fail to place importance on the company culture, overlooking an opportunity to create a culture where their employees can thrive.


Your culture is an important factor for attracting the best candidates. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when cultivating and maintaining a high-performance company culture:


Transparency: This has become an important concept to companies, employees and investors. A company with a high level of transparency effectively communicates goals to their employees and encourages frequent interactions between management and their employees.


Communication: Even if your company is attracting forward-thinking candidates with a high level of transparency, you need to be sure that your communication styles are considered when developing a company culture. If your teams are swapping text messages at lightning speed, you won’t want a candidate that is put off by casual interactions.


Performance Focus: How much of your organization’s time is devoted to employee development, and do your employees have a clear idea of what’s needed to be considered successful in their position? A highly-driven candidate will be looking for what you do to reward employees in their positions.


Responsibility: Whether you empower your employees to work on their own, with self-established timelines and objectives, or if you are more hands-on in your management style, the level of responsibility given to employees is an important part of your company culture.


Wellness: Are your employees given the resources they need to optimize their health? There are many ways this aspect of company culture can be established, from an on-site gym to flexible hours for exercise over lunchtime.
Innovation: Are employees encouraged to come to managers with new, innovative ideas? You’ll want to get a read on the type of thinking that is truly guiding your approach to innovation when creating strategies for a vibrant company culture. You may be surprised at what you don’t know, once you start asking.


How do you attract employees that fit your company culture? You want employees that fit your progressive, mission-driven company. Using a behavioral assessment, you can get a data-driven, clear idea of how your best candidates will fit with your company culture. Behavioral assessments like the PI System determine each candidate’s tendencies and motivations related to a variety of factors, including company culture.


Using a tool like the PI System adds a sophistication of care to your hiring process. Your candidates see the level of complexity that your company apples to hiring, which helps them understand the company culture. Call PI Consulting Group to learn more about the PI System.