When Rainsoft’s Employees Had Reservations About the Predictive Index, Results Spoke for Themselves

predictive indexThe Predictive Index, a behavioral assessment provided by PI Consulting Group, is a data-driven, objective tool for hiring the right candidate or optimizing existing employees in various roles. It’s more effective for decision-making than using the traditional combination of only relying on a resume and an interview process. While many companies immediately see the value of the Predictive Index, others are slower to warm to a new idea.


This was the situation at Rainsoft, where the introduction of the Predictive Index was initially embraced wholeheartedly by Andrea Herran, the Director of HR — but she still had some convincing to do with her hiring managers.


In 2005, Rainsoft was acquired by a larger company, and part of the new direction of the company included opening company-owned stores that would operate in addition to the dealership stores across the country. This would give Rainsoft the opportunity to capture market share in strategic locations where a dealership did not already operate.


Rainsoft introduced the Predictive Index to combat the high level of turnover they expected to occur in the stores, based on the high turnover rate dealerships experienced. New employees attended a seven-day orientation and training session, but many left the company within 30 to 60 days. Andrea incorporated the Predictive Index into the hiring process with the goal of reducing employee turnover. She knew that the investment in a tool that would better identify ideal candidates would save the company significant resources.


While Andrea immediately knew the value of using the Predictive Index to make sure that candidates’ motivations, values and behaviors fit the role they were being hired to fill, the hiring managers had reservations. When a candidate’s results conflicted with their preference for whether to hire them, they were reluctant to rely on the Predictive Index.


Andrea seized an opportunity to change the hiring process by allowing the Predictive Index to speak for itself. She encouraged hiring managers to make the choices for candidates that they believed were best, whether or not the decision was supported by the data. She tracked which employees succeeded, along with their results.


Over and over again, the behavioral assessment was reliable in identifying the best candidates. When the hiring manager’s choice agreed with the Predictive Index, the employee thrived. When a hiring manager ignored the data and chose based on other factors, the employee did not remain in the position.


In one particular instance, a hiring manager pushed for a candidate to fill a sales position that had extensive experience and prior success in sales. However, the Predictive Index’s results did not support the hire. Within a short time, the data proved correct. The employee struggled and ultimately left the company.


Today, Rainsoft’s team is fully on board with Predictive Index and considers it a key component of their hiring process. If your company experiences a high rate of turnover or other talent management challenges, give PI Consulting Group a call. We look forward to helping create and share your own success story.