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3 Surprising Benefits of Well-Planned Strategic Workforce Planning

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Hiring Process With Strategic Workforce Planning

strategic workforce planningIf your company or department has just been through a growth period that involved several new hires, or if you’ve just filled an important position at your company, it’s tempting to brush aside thoughts of hiring in an effort to get down to business. However, companies that fail to implement strategic workforce planning into their business plans often never consider whether their hiring practices are, in fact, effective.


For many companies, the hiring process is considered complete once the offer has been made and the candidate has accepted. The onboarding process is completed and the new employee becomes one of the ranks. However, when you fail to measure the effectiveness of your hiring process, you miss out on some great benefits of strategic workforce planning:


Strategic workforce planning can create a better recruiting process. If you never examine whether your new hires worked out as well as you’d hoped, you will be stuck in a pattern of hiring employees that may, or may not, be a good fit for your company. An objective measurement of which qualities resulted in the best fit for the position and company culture can help you refine your recruiting process and know exactly what you are looking for when it’s time to hire again.


Did you know that a behavioral assessment gives you data-driven information about a candidate? This removes the need to rely solely on their resume and the impression they make during their interview. Take a moment and reflect on a couple of hires that turned out not to be so good. Think about where they fell short and whether those qualities were detectable during an hour-long interview. A behavioral assessment provides a wealth of information about factors that can’t be measured on a resume or in an interview.


You may also see a shorter (and less expensive) hiring process over time. Hiring for a position takes time. However, if you are constantly improving your strategic workforce planning tools, you’ll be able to streamline the process. For instance, if you require candidates to complete several screenings before you can identify your top two or three choices, consider measuring which screening tools actually predicted success in the position. Taking time to reflect on your top performers and looking at their scores on various screenings may help you scale down to just a couple of screening tools that are most effective.


Improved retention is a serious perk of strategic workforce planning. If your candidates don’t have a good feel for the company culture and you don’t have a good idea whether your candidates are a good fit for the culture, it’s a toss-up whether they will hang out for very long. This is another area where a behavioral assessment can help determine whether your candidate’s communication style, role in a team setting and basic personality are suited for your company.


The PI System offered by PI Consulting Group lends a level of sophistication to your hiring process. It’s an essential part of strategic workforce planning and can help you assess not only an individual candidate, but also get broader information about the types of motivations and traits that are found in your top performers so that you can look for more candidates with those qualities. Call us today to find out more about the PI System.