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Five Must-Read Tips for Effective Talent Management

talent analyticsYou already know your role will change as your company grows. Regardless of how this role shifts, talent management is still all about helping individuals feel driven to carry out the objectives of the company with dedication and an improving level of skill.


Talent management is a learned skill, so take a few minutes to read a set of tips for effective management of your staff:


Get the right people in place. Building a great company is largely dependent on having the right fit for each position. You need to hire individuals based not only on their education and experience, but also considering how they fit into your company culture and how they complement other members of the team.


Company culture is often an afterthought. If you think about the jobs you’ve had in the past, though, you’ll see that the casual or formal atmosphere, communication style and level of camaraderie between employees had a significant impact on whether you were happy working there.


Be aware of pack mentality. In other words, don’t hire people that look too much like you in their personality and experience. A growing company values innovation, not uniformity of thought. In addition, if you hire someone just like yourself, their similar flaws will get on your nerves, just like your own do. Instead, you need to focus on hiring someone that rounds out your team and adds what you cannot.


Look for an employee on the move. It’s always tempting to hire someone that has mastered every skill needed for the job. However, everyone is happier when they are growing and being challenged. Your new hire should be able to fulfill most of the duties of the job upon hiring and have room for growth, as well as a hunger to learn new skills.


Be flexible in your approach. As you embrace the idea of building an innovative, diverse team, you’ll have to also be flexible in your talent management approach. A one-size-fits-all management style won’t be effective and you’ll find that your growth is stagnating. Instead, be prepared to learn how each employee best responds to encouragement or criticism and adjust as you go.


Invite your employees to give input. If you’re a high-level manager or an entrepreneur, you may be accustomed to doing most of the talking and instructing. However, you’ll grow in your role and be more prepared to grow your company if you are open to hearing what your employees have to say about your weaknesses or areas for growth. If your employees offer input, pay attention. They spend a lot of time with you and probably spotted some tendencies within weeks of joining your team. You’d be wise to listen to their suggestions.


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