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How to Build Teams That Love to Work Together

To Create a Cohesive Company Culture, Focus on Building Teams

building teamsLoving your job is about so much more than your specific title, role or income. Even your relationship with your boss is just a piece of the total pie. Much of your job satisfaction is wrapped up in the way you fit into your company culture. This includes whether you work well in your team, enjoy camaraderie and understand your contribution to the whole. This is true for you and it is true for those around you. That’s why as a manager, a big part of your talent management should be focused on building teams that love to work together.


Here are a few tips for building teams in a way that fosters a healthy company culture:


Hire the right people for the right roles. As a manager are you sometimes completely blind-sided when a great interview turns into a terrible hire. It’s tempting to hire people that remind you of yourself, or to believe that a certain personality type will fit in any role. In fact, it’s pretty difficult to predict a person’s fit in a role based solely on experience and interview skills. Consider implementing a data-driven, objective tool like a behavioral assessment to help you determine how people will fare in any given role.


Focus on individual strengths. Think of the members of your team as cogs that fit together perfectly based on each person’s strength. You should go further than simply thinking about it, though. Make sure each member of the team knows their role and understands the strengths of the other team members. When your team members have a clear vision of how they work well together, they will build cohesiveness and take pride in their efforts as a team.


Encourage a high level of interaction and collaboration. If you have a well-balanced team, you’ll likely have a mix of more assertive and more withdrawn employees, as well as introverts and extraverts. Encourage balanced collaboration among team members in meetings so that each person’s insight and expertise is heard.


Publish objectives and timelines. Building teams with healthy momentum that also enjoy working together requires a high level of accountability that is public information to everyone on the team. Each member needs to know how their role contributes and what’s expected of them, as well as what’s expected of their teammates.


Include teamwork items in reviews. Your employees should know how they function in a team, whether their style of communication is well-received by others and if there are ways that they can improve their contribution. Unless you consistently communicate the importance of building teams, your employees won’t prioritize the team aspect of their jobs.


Get out of the office. Sometimes it’s important to build team camaraderie in a way that takes them out of their normal setting. Get outside, go out to lunch or hit a happy hour to develop relationships with the members of your team. Consider ways to make the offsite time happen during the workday so that your team members’ enjoyment won’t be tempered by frustration that they are being required to spend extra time with the team.


At PI Consulting Group, building teams is an important focus when working with companies to develop talent management strategies. The PI System offers data-driven assessment for hiring the right people onto your team, while a unique approach to talent management helps you continue to refine a healthy company culture.