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How to Avoid an Awkward Onboarding Process

These Six Tips Will Improve Your Onboarding Process

onboarding processMaybe you’ve experienced an awkward onboarding process first-hand. You walk into a meeting on your first day after orientation and people exchange glances, wondering the identity of the stranger. Perhaps instead, you attended a training day that contained all kinds of legal information and forms for you to sign, but nothing about the team you could expect to work with (or what the company culture was like). In a word, it can be … awkward.

If your company values longevity in employees and keeping your team engaged, you need a comprehensive onboarding process. There are many ways to make a new hire feel welcome, but here are a few that will get you moving in the right direction:

Get the word out. Don’t keep your new hire a secret. Announce the new team member, letting everyone they’ll work with know important details like their start date and the role they’ll be filling. Once your employee starts, don’t leave them to fend for themselves with introductions. Encourage the team to stop by the new hire’s desk and visit for a few minutes. Better yet, a coffee hour to fuel the conversation will help your new team member get a feel for things with their coworkers.

Make introductions to stakeholders. An organizational chart is a big help to a new hire, giving them an idea of how your company is structured. Take time to introduce them to the key stakeholders in your organization, as well as important clients that they will interact with and service. Be sure to include some details about the specific role they’ll be filling, as well as the skills they have that you value.

Give them the insider’s tour. In addition to understanding the organization, your new hire will appreciate knowing who the gatekeepers, the go-to’s and the best networkers are. Tell them the resources they need to get their job done. If there’s a key person that they’ll need to work closely with to perform their job well, set up a lunch meeting for them.

Decode the company language. Every company has certain jargon they use, certain unique procedures that make working there different from other places. Your new hire will appreciate not having to stumble around, trying to understand euphemisms and acronyms for workplace information. Offer to be their official interpreter, so they won’t feel awkward about asking you to decode a workplace phrase for them.

Focus on the small stuff. What’s the lunch process like? How do you use the copier? From making coffee to office etiquette surrounding the microwave, there are a lot of “little” things that can make a new hire a nervous wreck. Help them focus on their job by giving them free access to all the information they really want to know about how to thrive in your workplace.

Make sure they’re the right fit from the start. If you’re going to get detailed in your onboarding process, it’s important to know who you are hiring ahead of time. While interviews and experience give you some key information about a candidate, these are incomplete without the data-driven, objective predictions possible with a behavioral analysis. With a behavioral analysis, you’ll get great information about a person’s tendencies, motivators and how they will fit in the role you’re trying to fill.

At PI Consulting Group, we offer the PI System as a way to enjoy reliable predictions about the candidates you hire. While onboarding is just one piece of your talent management strategy, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the right candidate in place so that you’re investing in the future of your company. Call PI Consulting Group to learn more about the comprehensive expertise we offer in talent management.