Retaining Employees: Keeping Talent Where it Needs to Be

Your Guide to Retaining Employees

For many companies, cash bonuses and larger salaries are used to retain top talent but is it working?  Anotherretaining employees popular retention incentive is stock options given to keep talent around longer. Some companies are still trying it on for size, but we’ll see if it actually stops the flow of top employees from going out the door. When it comes to retaining employees, what are you doing?

Today’s workforce is changing. We’re seeing two-income families as the norm today, and many of them living in larger urban centers prefer not to own an automobile. Instead of being motivated by money (although it still matters), this new generation of stellar employees are motivated by their personal hobbies and a social cause.

These employees will be more influenced to stay if you offer more flexible hours and work-from-home opportunities. It’s actually a low cost method that is working for many companies. Though, keep in mind that individuals that lack focus and drive are more likely to take advantage of the telecommuting opportunities.

In many ways you have to know with whom you are working with. For instance, to know where to focus your benefits, you have to know the competencies and aspirations of the people working for you, and this is information that doesn’t always shine through in the average interview/application process.

Companies that really know their employees are altering the landscape of their working environment. Some are installing treadmills instead of office chairs. Others are putting up rock climbing walls and healthier food choices in the lunchroom.

So, how do these companies get to really know their employees? They’re actually partnering with third parties to access a behavioral suite of assessment tools within a research-based predictive index system.

At PI Consulting Group we are able to use the above tools to improve sales performance. We also focus on helping clients in their efforts in retaining employees. Too many employees are in the wrong role because the interview process often fails to reveal what drives the employee. When our clients are connected to our tools, they are able to build great teams that last.

We are experts at helping you to put the right people in the right place using the predictive index. Our method is much more comprehensive than a personality test. It is in-depth and gives organizations the opportunity to build successful strategies around anything that involves putting talent where it belongs. This can include succession planning, positively dealing with changes within the company, grooming management teams for new or developing departments, or just keeping your top employees happy. Contact us today and let’s discuss the tools you need to retain greatness.