5 Ways to Improve Pre-Employment Screening

Your Pre-Employment Screening Success May be About Timing and Having the Right Tools

With the economy improving, there are more positions open and fewer qualified applicants for each position youpre-employment screening post. However, you can still tailor your pre-employment screening to be sure that you are attracting the best talent and getting the best fit for your team. There are ways to stand out in the crowd of companies competing for talent.

Here are five strategies for creating an effective pre-employment screening process:

1. Decide what you’re looking for in a candidate. For most managers, there are some pitfalls that come with interviewing. You might either favor people that remind you of yourself or favor those that are friendly and engaging. It’s easy to hire someone for the wrong reasons if you don’t know what you’re looking for. For instance, the friendly and engaging person may not be the best fit when you’re hiring for a quality control position that spends the day reviewing reports or troubleshooting processes. Before placing your ad, have a clear idea of the type of behaviors and motivations you’re looking for in this position. If they work closely in a team, think about the kind of personality that would complement the other individuals.

2. Make your ad stand out. If your ad looks like every other one out there, listing a few lines about the job and the type of applicant you’re looking for, you may not attract any attention. Instead, consider writing a non-traditional employment ad. Tell your potential candidates a variation on the same brand story you tell your potential customers. What is it that makes your organization special, and why does your staff love working there?

3. Get your timing right. If you’re not getting a lot of attention in response to your ad, you may want to evaluate your timing. For instance, some companies find it beneficial to post employment ads on Friday around lunchtime. Individuals contemplating a move are often finished with their work for the week and beginning to look around for their next step.

4. Go ahead and post the compensation. Many companies are leery of posting the compensation range, but it saves a lot of time and effort on both ends. If you’re hiring for a job that starts at $45,000, you’ll avoid wasting time interviewing a candidate that has been making over $60,000. Even if you attracted this candidate with your company culture or benefits package, it may not be a match for their previous salary satisfaction over time.

5. Take the guesswork out of hiring. It’s easy to hire people based on experience and interview skills, only to find out a few weeks into their orientation that they are not a good fit for the organization or their job. You can add a critical tool to your pre-employment screening by using a behavioral assessment to gain an objective view of your candidates. A behavioral assessment gives you a true picture of a person’s behaviors, motivations and traits that shape how they work in a variety of situations.

If you’d like more information about incorporating a behavioral assessment into your pre-employment screening, give us a call at PI Consulting Group. We regularly work with companies like yours to develop strategic talent management plans, including tools for pre-employment screening. Make an appointment today.