Building Teams Doesn’t Happen by Chance

Tips for Building Teams That Succeed

buiding teamsIt’s just as important in the business setting as it is in sports – teamwork. It’s the delicate ratio of talent and skillsets among team members that produce results, which is why building teams deserves a great deal of commitment.

The best teams include employees who have a full understanding of where they fit within that framework. When they don’t have this understanding, they will often not meet with expectations and be the equivalent of an injured reserve playing, unable to play with success.

If you are a manager, you may not realize that you need to connect with your employees more often. Zenger Folkman, a leadership development company, completed a study that looked at nearly 3,000 employers. They found that 72 percent of respondents agreed that if management gave them better feedback about their work, their performance would improve. When you show your employees how their role matters, you can motivate them to do a better job for the team as a whole.

You can’t do this on your own, at least not as efficiently and as effectively as you can with analytical tools. Real-time performance analytics provide concrete proof regarding performance, and can assist in developing a dialogue that is productive rather than antagonistic.

How do you react when problems arise within your team? There are times when you won’t even know there is a problem until the team implodes on itself, which means it’s too late to avert a crisis. Train your team to be versatile and flexible, which allows them to shift their focus when required. The opposite of this is a pessimistic team that will feed off of the negative rather than bend to be more positive and focused on problem solving.

Work in and of itself is not enough reward for some employees. They need to be recognized and know that you appreciate their work if you want to see more positive results out of them. Rather than thinking of it as a character flaw, develop a recognition program that allows you to be consistent in your praise of your employees.

There is also the issue that begins at the beginning: how do you build a team of effective individuals?  Do you know the strengths as well as the weaknesses of potential hires? Do you know what motivates them or what is important to them? Most managers will make their determination after looking over a resume and through one or two interviews before hiring the employee. It might look good on paper, but there are a multitude of qualities and traits the individual can’t possibly show in a resume or interview.

As much as we wish it were true, great teams aren’t built by chance. You need a hiring solution that utilizes behavioral and cognitive tools that help you identify the right employee for the position. This must be a science-driven solution that utilizes more than a personality test to make determinations about employees, and it’s what PI Consulting Group has to offer. We are the predictive index experts, and our clients are building solid teams that produce results on a regular basis.