How to Get the Most Out of Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics Isn’t Only for Hiring

Big Data plays an increasingly significant role in business. You can use data to gather reams of information abouttalent analytics potential customers, your competitors and potential employees. Talent analytics is where Big Data meets human resources, and, if used correctly, you can eliminate much of your hiring risk and improve your talent management strategies. Just like with your potential customers or analyzing competitors, though, the key is knowing how to apply the data.

Talent analytics give you an objective way to evaluate current and potential employees. Here are a few ways you can get the most benefit from talent analytics:

Identifying your ideal employee. If you’ve got a large staff, any attempt to identify the behaviors and habits of your best employees may be overwhelming. This is a perfect opportunity to use talent analytics. With a behavioral analysis, you can determine which characteristics add up to an ideal employee. It gives you a benchmark for hiring, but also for employee development.

Finding out the qualities that matter. You may be used to using experience listed on a resume and interview skills as your basis for choosing the right candidates for hire. However, talent analytics shows that the best employees have different qualities in common than you might think. For instance, the absence of typos and spelling errors on a resume was much more predictive of a high-quality sales team hire than either their choice of college or their grades in college.

Overall talent management. Talent analytics is also great for optimizing your current staff. If you have an underperforming employee, for instance, it is highly possible that they are not working out well because they are in the wrong role. With a behavioral analysis, you can get a clearer picture of their motivations and tendencies and adjust them to a position where they will be successful.

At the other end of the spectrum, talent analytics helps you identify those employees that are ready for development into leadership in your organization. You’ll have a better idea of the traits of your top performers and be ready to recognize those traits in new hires.

Guiding employee development: Behavioral assessment makes it easy to identify areas where employees have strengths and weaknesses, when compared alongside your ideal set of characteristics. The results provide a clear path for employee development and objective results in place of each party trying to remember what progress has been made over the last quarter or year.

To learn more about the role of talent analytics in your organization, give us a call at PI Consulting Group. We offer the Predictive Index, a behavioral assessment that helps you identify your top-performing current employees, as well as potential stars, when you’re hiring for a position. Make an appointment to discuss how you can harness the power of data for your company!