Happy Employees, Better Productivity

Why Happy Employees Matter

Most company administrators will boast that their employees are the most important part of their operation. But, dohappy employees they really care about how happy they are while they’re at work? Research shows that they should care, because happy employees equals better productivity.

According to a study out of the University of Warwick, employees who are made happier at work are 12 percent more productive than those who are not made happy. So, the big question is – how do you make your employees happy? Here are a few ideas:

Get Them Active

Employers who encourage their workers to exercise find that they become more positive about their lives. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins, gets the blood pumping, and helps people to become healthier. Giving them this opportunity to step away from their desks and focus on themselves is a great motivator that allows them to come to the desk focused and ready to put some work in.

Offer a Relaxed Workspace

Are you constantly looking over their shoulders, catching them updating a Facebook post or texting friends? Take a step back from being so stifling and you’ll likely see a change in productivity. Allow them to cruise around their social networks, within reason, and let them put their feet up. This is a potentially sticky situation where some workers will take advantage of your leniency, so be prepared to have a chat with the ones who become less productive.

Work From Home

Some employees need the flexibility of working from home. Give them a chance to get their work done from home and retain some flexibility. Set some ground rules first, like deadlines on various tasks so they still have goals to be productive. Some workers will actually perform better at home than they can at the office, which is another reason to offer some leeway here.

Stop the Useless Meetings

Many administrators think they’re not doing their jobs right if they don’t have at least one meeting scheduled per day. The fact is, most employees find these meetings are eating into the time they could be spending on their work. Focus on utilizing collaboration tools instead, which can still accomplish what you wanted to do in your meeting, yet it doesn’t eat into their time.

Use Predictive Index

If want to really get to the bottom of what makes your employees tick, what makes them frustrated and what makes them happy, use PI Consulting Group, Inc. We have behavioral and cognitive assessment tools that offer valuable insights into your employees. We have workplace behavior experts that facilitate and train employees in workshops that lead to insights that help the entire workplace. For instance, if you’ve got employees split up into teams, we can use our solutions to determine who is going to be most productive working together. Contact us today and let’s get your started with a happy, healthier and more productive employee base.