Cultivating Gratitude as a Part of Company Culture

Your Employees Will Appreciate a Company Culture Where Thankfulness is Frequently and Genuinely Expressed

company culturePracticing gratitude is proven to increase happiness for individuals, so it makes sense to include it as part of your company culture, too. After all, who doesn’t like to hear that they’re appreciated? Before you start distributing weekly thank-you notes, though, it’s important to have a few thoughts in place about how you’ll practice gratitude with your staff.

Here are a few considerations to review as you create a company culture centered on gratitude:

Start at the top: Your managers won’t be sincere in their appreciation of their staff unless they’re feeling appreciated, too. Start your gratitude initiative by finding ways to say thank you to your top-level managers before you encourage them to express gratitude to their own teams.

Be specific: Saying a simple and quick, “thanks for all you do,” is good but being more specific means a lot to an employee. Consider actual events, including their specific role in the event and thank them for their contribution. If they are particularly skilled in handling a certain type of sticky situation or they always show up to meetings early to make sure there’s coffee ready for everyone, make note of it when you thank them.

Change it up: It’s great to do regular expressions of gratitude, but try to mix up the way you say thank you. If you started with a simple note, you can try a different small gesture the next time, like putting an employee’s favorite candy bar on their desk with a sticky note expressing appreciation for a specific task they finished.

Don’t leave anyone out: It may feel odd, but don’t hesitate to keep a record of your gratitude expressions. You want to be sure to thank your employees across the whole team.

Think traits, not tasks: At least some of the time, your gratitude should focus not on a specific event or task, but what you appreciate about that person. For instance, you can thank a team member for the way they always have something encouraging to say in a meeting and that you appreciate their optimistic outlook on company goals.

A great way to get a handle on the traits and behaviors that are strengths for your employees is to conduct a behavioral assessment. You’ll get objective information and enjoy learning new traits that may be untapped in your current employees. It will bring to your attention those personality traits that it’s sometimes hard to put your finger on, but you know they’re contributing positively to your team.

At PI Consulting Group, we partner with you to help you get the most possible benefit from a behavioral assessment. The results from our Predictive Index help you not only refine a company culture infused with gratitude, but also assist you in your hiring process and your overall talent management strategy. Give us a call to talk about your organization and how PI Consulting Group can help you develop a culture of gratitude!