Do Your Employees Believe in Your Company Culture?

How to Boost Company Culture

company cultureToday in many companies, a majority of the workforce is not engaged at work, which means they haven’t bought into the company culture. These lackluster employees, whether it’s your fault or theirs, could be costing your company a large amount of money in productivity per year. What can you do to impress upon your workforce that your vision of your company culture is worth working for?

It’s not always about pay when it comes to how satisfied your workers are. In many cases, they want to work for a company that fits their morals and ethics – things that are important to them in this world. Therefore, your outreach efforts that include small incentives or unique perks for good performance are likely falling flat.

When you think about company culture, you should be thinking about core values, informal values, the beliefs that you actively practice day in and day out in the workplace, and behaviors that you deem to be exemplary of your company culture. While you can’t control everything about your company culture, you can help shape it and ensure that the people you’re bringing on will have similar views.

When you approach defining your company culture, think about outcomes – the things you want to achieve. What behaviors will be readily visible and help define your company culture? Do you have enablers and blockers in your workplace? These can be policies, rules, actions or daily rituals that help define your company culture. What’s working and what isn’t working?

When your company culture isn’t working, it may be because your employees don’t want to be there. They are mentally checked out and likely performing just good enough to stay below the radar and keep their jobs. They also may be in conflict with other team members, sabotaging when they should be boosting each other up. They might only focus on numbers at the end of the quarter – these are the warning signs that your company culture is one of lackluster performance and disconnection.

There are improvements you can make in helping to define what your company culture is, but to ensure that you’re building the right team around that culture requires more than the traditional tools that most companies use when hiring employees. Predictive index solutions are providing the insights into worker behaviors and beliefs that reveal a great deal about them.

At PI Consulting Group, we help clients develop their company culture by helping them gain insights into current employees and prospective new hires. Our solutions are based on science. Our solutions use tools that uncover everything you need to know about your future leaders and the people you place on your teams. Can they manage conflict? Do they know how to communicate? How do they prefer to be led? PI Consulting Group can help you answer these questions and work to build a strong company culture.