Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Leadership Development?

Leadership Development For Engaged Employees and Managers

Do you get the idea that your employees are disengaged? If your team seems a bit sluggish, consider whether youleadership development might be making one of the common mistakes in leadership development. Here are a few you should examine to see if any sound familiar:

You focus in only on strengths or weaknesses at review time. Sure, you know that focusing solely on a person’s weaknesses or mistakes makes for a pretty rough evaluation. Did you know that focusing only on strengths can be just as counterproductive? While you definitely want to go over areas needing improvement and celebrate what’s going right, don’t stop there. Otherwise, if you only talk about the successes of the year, your employee has nowhere to go.

It’s good to include a behavioral assessment in your talent management strategy, both for new hires and for your existing employees. You’ll find out objective information about the motivations and tendencies of your employees, giving you important clues about areas that you might be able to use in leadership development.

You reserve leadership development for your top executives. Many companies hope for a trickle-down effect, counting on their top executives to use techniques that will filter down to middle- and lower-level managers. Instead, you should be incorporating leadership training into all levels of managers. Not only will every manager get the benefits, but you’ll send a clear message that equipping your leaders is important to the company.

Leadership development is checked off a to-do list. If you send your managers to a one-day training every year or two and consider it done, then you’re missing opportunities in leadership development. Instead, consider the equipping of your leaders to be an ongoing, all-encompassing part of your company culture. It should be a central aspect of your conversations and how you discuss company objectives. Even your seasoned leaders need a chance to improve their skills and adjust their perspective when challenges come up.

Your leaders are being trained with a cookie cutter mentality. Leaders aren’t all the same, so don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to development. Instead of aligning your employees to reach the company goals, consider what it might be like if the company also aligned to help your employees reach their goals. A mutually-satisfying list of objectives helps employees engage at a much higher level.

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