Team Building for the New Year

Increase Employee Retention and Productivity With These Team Building Tips

Feeling appreciated by your boss and being part of a team are both critical for engaging in your job. It’s often not theteam building pay or the job itself that makes people look elsewhere, but the relationships that they have with superiors and with co-workers. Team building is an essential part of any talent management strategy, and yet so many companies put it off or ignore it altogether and pay the price in lost productivity and low employee retention rates.

Team building doesn’t have to be expensive or hard; it simply requires a focus and commitment to engaging your employees in your goals and company vision. Take a look at these ideas for your team:

Talk about accomplishments often: It’s critical that you review your employees’ accomplishments and contributions to your goals, and you should do it both publicly and privately. You can go over successes in a private review and discuss increases in pay or perks, but be sure to also take the opportunity to congratulate your employees in public. This not only shows that you’re proud of your employee, but celebrations tend to spur more momentum for the next goal to be conquered.

Talk about something besides work: An important part of team building with your employees is simply remembering that they have goals and aspirations outside the workplace, too. Ask them about their hobbies, their families or their fitness goals. If you give employee gifts, try to match them to your employees’ preferences and interests. For instance, instead of a generic gift card for a restaurant, consider one that helps them reach their personal goals, like a gift card to a bike shop for a cycling enthusiast or a wine tasting gift for a budding sommelier.

Focus on their development: Often, it’s easy to tag on career development ideas on the end of a review process, and then forget about the discussion until the next review. Instead, make your employee’s development a central part of your focus and set aside time to brainstorm and plan ideas for each employee’s career training and future plans. Your employee will feel much more a part of your team if they believe that you care about their progress and not just the company’s.

Delegate critical parts of your objectives: Show your employees that you trust them by giving them responsibility for important objectives you need to meet. Ownership in your companies’ goals is a great way to focus on team building, and it fuels true excitement and engagement when goals are reached together.

Hire the right people for the right job: Part of team building happens as you hire new people and work to align your existing employees with their ideal role. It may seem like a challenge, but the guesswork is eliminated when you utilize tools that give you objective information about how a particular employee will fit in a position. Try a behavioral analysis to gain data about an employee’s motivations and tendencies and place them in their perfect job.

At PI Consulting Group, you have access to the PI System, a behavioral analysis tool that helps you build an engaged, cohesive team. We also have the training and strategic ideas to help you create the talent management plan that fuels growth and a thriving company. Give us a call to talk more.