Streamline Your Sales Team Onboarding Process

Your Onboarding Process Doesn’t Need to be Faster, Just Smarter

onboarding processHiring a new sales rep is an expensive investment. Not only do you need your new hire to complete training and get acclimated to your company in your onboarding process, but they’ll be expected to build a pipeline and meet some initial sales goals within a few months of hiring.

This is all assuming that your new sales team hire works out well, too. You may invest a lot in a new rep, only to find that they’re a poor fit for your team. Here are a few ways to tailor your onboarding process for a successful start on your sales team:

Start talking culture early. A big part of whether your sales rep will be happy in your organization has to do with company culture. Whether it’s the dress code, communication style or the way meetings are conducted, these are the factors that make or break a job for most people. Bring culture into the conversation from your first interaction with a candidate and be sure that your style fits theirs.

Assign an experienced salesperson as a mentor. No matter how insightful your training program is, your new sales rep will enjoy having access to a seasoned rep. Pair them up for coffee within the first week of hiring your new employee and encourage them to spend time not only on sales calls, but on process details that can get bogged down if they aren’t completed efficiently.

Dedicate time for training. Like any sales manager, your time is always in high demand. Your reps want you for meetings, to approve contracts and help them close important deals. To help create a better onboarding process and help your new hire meet their sales goals sooner rather than later, though, you’ve got to set aside good time for training.

Focus on the customer. A lot of corporate sales training programs put the emphasis on the product or service that you offer, but marketing is becoming highly personalized. It’s critical that your sales rep understands your buyer personas and how to succeed selling to each one. Make sure your training curriculum includes items that help your sales rep understand the customer.

Get the right sales rep on your team. Before you hire your next rep, consider implementing a behavioral analysis tool. This insightful resource provides objective data about your candidates’ motivations, tendencies and behaviors so that you can identify your best possible new sales rep. You can also use this to tool to create a profile of your ideal hire based on your current sales stars.

At PI Consulting Group, we want to help you take your onboarding process to the next level with smart, objective technology. We help you identify your best candidate for your sales team with the PI System, but we also train you to use this tool to optimize your entire organization. Give us a call to talk more about your current hiring process and what you would like to see improve.