Create a Better Hiring Process

Your Hiring Process Should Include More Data Points

Hiring the right person requires your time and other resources, and if you’re already understaffed, it can be temptinghiring process to make a quick decision, just to have a body in the chair. A bad hire is an expensive mistake, though, so it’s important to make sure that your hiring process allows for careful evaluation of the fit in all directions.

A great hiring process not only considers a candidate’s resume and their basic interview skills. You’ve got a lot more data available now, so use it to be sure you’ve got the perfect fit for the job:

Craft a better job description. Do your job descriptions tend to focus more on what your company is looking for in a candidate? Instead, you might try describing what your company can do for a new employee. Whether it’s career development, a unique company culture or flexible work hours, these ads tend to attract more forward-looking candidates. Think about what makes working for your company unique and use that to attract the right people.

Get on trend. Investing in technology may not seem like it’s related to talent management, but if you’re looking for candidates that can move your company forward, you’ll want to offer the kinds of up-to-date tools that signal an embrace of progress.

Don’t just focus on skills. Personality may be even more important. You can teach skills to a lot of different candidates, but it’s harder to find the right mix of humor, flexibility, humility and determination that would round out a team in your company. Look at a candidate’s soft skills, where their ability to have correct perspective or a positive outlook makes a significant impact on your company’s success.

Hang out on social media. You have to use caution here, and not allow any particular item to directly influence your hiring decisions, but you’ll gain insight into a candidate’s personality and priorities when you check out their profile on social media. If you’re looking for a fun-loving extrovert that can help drive some new enthusiasm into your team, you’ll take notice right away if your candidate’s page is filled with pictures of social gatherings and personal interactions. It’s not foolproof, but another helpful piece of the puzzle.

Obtain objective personality data, too.  Using a behavioral assessment, you’ll receive data that objectively summarizes your candidate’s personality. While interviews may give a little view of a person, a behavioral assessment helps you see how a person might act in a given situation based on their motivations and traits.

In an interview, it’s human nature to be drawn to candidates that are similar to yourself or to get a mistaken impression of a candidate, so a behavioral assessment provides one more resource for getting the best possible picture of a potential hire.

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