Why a Good Behavioral Assessment Matters

Don’t Put Off the Behavioral Assessment – Build a Better Team Today

behavioral assessmentBehavioral assessments have come a long way. Today, they are a great tool for qualifying the right candidates for the right position. However, a good behavioral assessment does more than just that. A person needs to be right for the job, but they also need to fit in with their supervisors and surrounding teammates – even the surrounding community.

Executives might be great at leading their organizations, but they often lack the necessary talents to hire the right people. Even human resource professionals can fall short if they’re using resumes and traditional job interviews in their approach to hiring. In many cases, the people who have the most confidence in their ability to find the right fit in their applicants are the worst at it. Without a good behavioral assessment test, they’re essentially flying blind.

One problem executives face time and again is that they tend to be attracted to applicants that think like them. While this might create efficiencies, it doesn’t offer any steps toward innovation and growth. It’s essentially creating a monolithic culture. A good behavioral assessment will find individuals with the skillset that can move the culture toward innovation and growth.

A good behavioral assessment comes at a cost, which might seem prohibitive to many organizations considering them. However, employee turnover also comes with a cost, and it’s exactly what happens when the wrong person takes the wrong position. The organizations that save money by not fully vetting their applicants take a loss in the end.

Giving and interpreting a behavioral assessment might seem uncomplicated, but it actually takes more than the expertise of the average manager to get the most out of it. Furthermore, there is an established criterion in regards to evaluating tests that’s covered by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Hiring a third party that specializes in giving and interpreting these tests is the best route to take.

If you’re interested in choosing a behavioral assessment professional, consider the following:

  • Assessment must be free of bias in regard to age, gender and ethnicity
  • The assessment should be designed in a such a way that it will benefit your company
  • The assessment needs to be able to predict the right workplace behaviors
  • Reliability is important, so make sure applicant scores consistent over time

For companies that feel they already have the perfect team in place, there is also the matter of promotions. How do you know that Bill will be a better leader than Kim? How can you assure that Dave is going to be a good fit leading Team A and a bad fit for Team B? Behavioral assessments are crucial in making sure the right people are moving up into leadership positions or into different teams where they will be happy, productive and benefit the entire group.

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