Strategies for Better Employee Retention

Top Ways You Can Improve Employee Retention

employee retentionEmployee retention is often an important part of success for a growing company.  But retaining employees isn’t only about keeping the good employees you have now; it’s also about hiring the right employees from the start.  What can you do in both of these areas to improve your employee retention rates?  Here are a few important things to consider:


Many employers try to improve employee satisfaction by trying to treat everyone as equals. However, it’s a mistake to treat your best employees like you treat your least productive employees. When you follow this line of thinking, you’re not giving any incentive to do better. In fact, you’re actually reinforcing work habits that are not productive and you risk seeing your best employees leave because of it.


Sometimes you can get some excellent tips on employee retention from other companies. For example, Google often comes up when this subject is broached because of the perks they give their employees, like letting them bring their dogs to work. This might not be an option for you and your employees, but one thing you can do is let them pursue their passions.

Google employees are encouraged to spend 20 percent of their time at work doing what they think will help Google succeed. Take the time to get to know your employees and their passions, and let them focus those passions on your organization in the way that suits them.


Life isn’t supposed to be fun 24/7/365, but that doesn’t mean your workplace has to be boring. When employees enjoy their time at work, they’re more productive and less likely to experience the discouragement that can occur when the nine-to-five begins to wear them down. People with enjoyable workplace outlets, like recreation areas or kitchens where free, healthy snacks come as perks, not only work more productively, they stick around longer.

Behavioral Assessment

The proactive steps you take when you hire your employees can go a long way in improving employee retention. This includes behavioral assessment, which is more than a personality test; it actually reveals details that a resume and traditional sit-down interview won’t. When you have a professional analyze a behavioral assessment, you unlock the potential of each employee, where they fit in your organization and their abilities to lead.

At PI Consulting Group, we have developed solutions for you that reveal a multitude of factors that will help you find the best employees for the job openings you have now while also knowing who among your team should be groomed for a leadership position in the future. We know that great teams are not built by chance, and we’re taking all the guesswork out of the way you hire and promote your teams. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we do it.