Do You Know How to Turn Generational Differences Into an Asset for Your Company?

Unlock the Potential in Generational Differences

generational differencesEvery generation has its stereotypes, and they don’t always hold true for everyone. Sometimes, though, there are distinct differences that can be an asset when it comes to a multi-generational workplace. The question is, do you have the tools you need to create a cohesive unit? Generational differences don’t have to be a roadblock to success; they can be a great benefit to your company.

Employees born in the 1940s come from a time when only a few outlets controlled the media and hierarchies were highly organizational. These employees are likely skilled at processing complex objectives. Furthermore, this is a generation that is not bothered with the small things, which means they are less likely to be distracted in the workplace.

Your employees born in the 1950s came of age during civil rights struggles and antiwar sentiment. They have developed a reputation for challenging status quo and bringing out new ideas in the workplace.

You might have already noticed that your workers born in the 1960s have the ability to embrace new things, as they experienced several cultural shifts growing up. In the workplace, they have expressed a willingness to respect sustained efforts, yet know when it is time for change.

One of the younger generations to enter the workforce is a group called Millennials. It’s a much talked about generation as they are shaping the future. While they came of age during a time of war, they also have proficiency for digital in every sense of the word.

The tool you can use to make sure all of these generations are working together as a cohesive unit is behavioral assessment. It’s a methodology that goes beyond the traditional personality test. The key is professional analysis of each behavioral assessment where qualities that make each employee unique come to light.

Armed with quality information from a behavioral assessment, you can see who is a great fit for each specific team in your organization. Furthermore, you also get a glimpse into the ability of your employees to lead, which means you can begin grooming your future leaders early.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re committed to methodologies that are based on the Predictive Index assessment. Rather than rely on a resume and a traditional job interview, organizations are making decisions based on data, technology and knowledge. The results are definitely worth the investment, so contact us today and let’s discuss how to build more productive multi-generational workplaces.