Creating a Culture Shift That Focuses on Your Customers Starts With Hiring the Right People

A Culture Shift to Become a Customer-Centric Company Benefits Your Employees, Too

culture shiftCustomer service is an important part of your company identity, but what if you initiated a culture shift to make customer service all of your company identity? If the voice of your customers dominated every budget meeting, every key performance indicator and each interaction you have with the public, you might experience some surprising results.

The most successful and profitable companies take this approach to their business models. You may be wondering, though, how to create the culture shift where your company becomes known for its outrageous customer service while still remaining profitable. There are some steps you can take that won’t crush your budget:

Hire compassionate employees. Discovering how a candidate responds to another person with a problem is an important step to include in your hiring process if you want to be a customer-centric company. When considering a candidate, have them participate in role play exercises where they are expected to solve situations of varying levels of complexity and stress involved.

Another way to gauge a person’s ability to feel empathy and compassion for a customer is the inclusion of a behavioral analysis in your hiring process. This requires an investment, but a tool like this is applicable in both new hires and across your existing organization, helping you identify those employees best suited for direct contact with your customers.

Empower employees to make your customers happy. “Let me speak to the manager.” You’ve said those words; you may have even received those words in your first job in retail or food service. Too many companies make the mistake of reserving decision-making power for managers or other high-level employees. Instead, give your front-line employees as much discretion as you can to resolve a customer’s problem.

Of course, this goes back to the first step, because if you’ve hired the right people, you don’t worry about whether you’ll regret empowering them to make your customers happy and solve their problems.

Consider employee happiness and customer satisfaction as two parts of the same goal. If your employees are not happy in their jobs, empowered and enjoying the satisfaction of personal growth within the company, don’t expect them to rush to solve customer’s concerns. Your employee satisfaction level drives your customer satisfaction level, so every objective you create for customer satisfaction should have a twin employee goal.

Be willing, and happy, to recommend your competitor. Train your employees to cheerfully recommend your competitors if you don’t have the product or service your customer needs. If your goal is truly to help your customer, you’ll be willing to lose a sale that leaves your customer less than completely satisfied. Your customers will be surprised when you do this, but they’ll come back to you again for your integrity.

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