Building Teams That Will Give You a Competitive Edge

Think of Building Teams as a Way to Push Ahead of Your Competitors

You may not think of building teams as a way to get a competitive edge. It’s easier to consider talent managementbuilding teams in light of metrics like turnover costs and customer satisfaction levels. You also have to keep in mind the importance of edging out your competitors and building teams is one way to go after it.

When you consider organizations that employ extreme measures for a unified company culture and customer service ethos, you can easily identify a few, like Zappos and Whole Foods. These companies are thriving because the values at the top of the organization are identical to those on the front lines. You need to get started on building teams that reflect your values, and here’s how you do it:

Find employees that are just as crazy as you are: About your company, that is. Employees that share a passion for their work, rather than just clocking in at a job, are the ones you want in every position, from the C-suite to customer service. Your employees should see their role on your team as a calling and be excited to engage in your plans for growth.

When you hire, prioritize fit over experience: It’s easy to be wowed by a resume, but most employers can cite an example or two of hiring a person for their experience, only to regret it later. There’s new technology that you can employ here for an objective picture of how a candidate will fit with your company. Using a behavioral assessment in your hiring process helps you determine whether your candidate will be a natural fit with your organization.

Provide incentives for progressive, forward-thinking employees: If you want your employees to embrace new ideas, then provide incentives for doing so. Whether it’s monetary or otherwise, you simply need to reward your employees for engaging in the ideas that you value.

Deal with performance issues: If you’re going to embrace excellence, that means you need to confront missed performance goals. Teams that thrive are those that are willing to face their weaknesses and find solutions for problems. Building trust and loyalty with your employees must include not only a solid sense of safety in pitching new ideas, but also that they’ll get clear communication if their ideas are not good for the company.

Learn to love (healthy) conflict: Don’t shy away from respectful disagreements and conflict. Growing companies are more likely to push limits and try out new ideas, but that means you’ll hear some bad ideas, too. Building teams that can respectfully disagree and yet push the boundaries for your company is a healthy way to grow and thrive.

PI Consulting Group can help you build a team that is passionate about your values and ready to push the limits to foster measurable growth. The PI System is a valuable tool for companies that embrace a vibrant company culture, and we can help you build the team that you want. We look forward to talking with you more.