Happy Employees Leads to Better Productivity

How to Identify What Makes Happy Employees Tick

A number of studies have confirmed that happy employees are more engaged and more productive thanhappy employees discontent employees. In Gallup’s research on the topic, the polling company found that of over 80,000 workers surveyed, only 32 percent said they were engaged at work. While this number is small, we know that engaged workers are the ones driving innovation. They are the ones that work toward the mission of the company and help put the brand in the best possible light. These are the employees that are up to 200 percent more productive than the others.

So, what do the unhappy, dis-engaged employees bring to the table? Gallup found that they are costing businesses in the U.S. up to $550 billion a year. They also are the ones who quit jobs, causing more loss of money and disruption via high turnover rates. Also, they are the ones more likely to be absent from work.

It’s the responsibility of leadership within a company to create the right conditions for a more engaged workforce. Fair pay and incentives are a given, but there are many ways to motivate employees, and most of them have unique needs of their own. The question is, how can an employer know the specific ways in which they can make every employee happy?

First off, many unhappy employees are simply in the wrong position. They might be with the right company, but their way of working and their personalities require a different task than the one they were assigned.

The best place to start is in the hiring process. You need to do more than just go through the traditional job interview. You should test them to find out what they are most suited to do and which people they will work most productively with.

A tool many employers are using today to find out what motivates individuals is the predictive index test. It’s a scientific approach that considers and reveals the many nuances that create a personality, their strengths and their weaknesses.

When placed in the hands of a qualified person, behavioral and cognitive assessments are quite revealing, identifying positive correlations between business performance and assessments.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve developed a technology that is easily administered. Our team will analyze the results and conduct analyses, which allows our clients to quickly prioritize job candidates. Our solutions also work to spot leaders, which can give you the heads up on who requires some grooming now for a future leadership spot. Furthermore, when building teams, our solutions will give you the insights you need to put the right players on the right teams. Contact us today and let’s find out how to make your employees happy and productive.