Do You Need to Refine Your Hiring Process?

The Hiring Process That Improves Productivity

Attracting candidates to an open position often gets more thought than the hiring process itself. The typicalhiring process organization will send out notices on their social media pages, place ads in local publications, ask colleagues for recommendations and maybe even hire a recruiter to pull in more qualified candidates. But the problem is often in how those candidates are vetted.

Have you been in a situation where you haven’t gotten as many applications as you had hoped and end up choosing an applicant only because their resume and interview were better than the others rather than because they are actually qualified for the job?

Unfortunately, many companies have a fast and easy hiring process where they think they can find the right person for the job, only to discover later that they are not a good fit at all. How can you improve your hiring process to make sure you are bringing the right people in to your team?

Communicate Effectively

While it’s important that you take every measure to attract the right applicants, you also have to keep them engaged throughout the process.

Acting fast is important because the most qualified people are in demand and they won’t be on the hunt long before they receive other offers, perhaps by a competing company. That means you have to be decisive, because 25 percent (according to Top Echelon) of candidates who rejected an offer did so because the company simply took too long to make their decision.

Salary is Important

Are you willing to pay for your talent? Top Echelon found in their survey that nearly 30 percent of candidates who rejected offers did so because the salary wasn’t competitive enough. If you think candidates’ expectations are not appropriate, you could be losing out to competition that is willing to negotiate salaries.

Once you have your top choices for the position you need to properly assess how they would fit in your company, like do they actually buy in to the culture you’ve established? It will be impossible to know unless you ask the right questions.

Behavioral Assessment

There are ways to know exactly how a person will fit or not fit into your company, through a behavioral assessment that is quite revealing.  Companies are using this today to identify people in their company who would make good leaders. They’re also using it to put the right people on the right teams together and to help them make fast and accurate decisions about new hires.

At PI Consulting Group, we have developed a predictive index process that will help you hire and retain the best talent, build strong teams and discover your emerging leaders. Our process is scientifically validated, plus we have 60 years of examples to offer the proof it works. Using our method will improve sales, customer satisfaction, tenure and turnover.