Are You Looking for Effective Conflict Resolution Steps for a Harmonious Workplace?

Try These Conflict Resolution Steps for Better Communication and Quick Solutions

conflict resolution stepsWhen employees approach you with a conflict, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what transpired and what (if any) action you need to take to help cool tempers and keep the focus on the job at hand. Here are some conflict resolution steps that can help you get back to the objectives you need to meet:

Listen to your employees: This may sound like an obvious first step, but many managers, even good ones, struggle to take time to listen. On most days, you likely have a full schedule of tasks and meetings, but take a few minutes to hear an employee vent about a situation that is stressful for them. You need the facts, so be sure to provide that opportunity.

Give employees ownership over their own problems: While you want to encourage a solution, don’t provide it. Instead, guide employees through a conversation to help them create a solution that works well for everyone. This gives them ownership over the solution and empowers them to work it out on their own next time.

Provide feedback: Don’t wait until an annual review if your employee is engaging in behaviors that create conflict in your workplace. One of the most important conflict resolution steps is helping employees incorporate practical steps for a more productive workplace and effective communication. Offer feedback immediately following a conflict and help your employee foster healthy work relationships.

Don’t offer encouragement and criticism in the same conversation: When you offer this feedback, don’t pair it with an item of encouragement that you’ve been wanting to share. Your employee will focus only on the criticism and your encouragement will go unheard. Instead, schedule a separate meeting to talk with them about what you’re seeing that’s positive.

Utilize resources to help you build a conflict-resistant team: The first of your conflict resolution steps begins before your team even meets one another. Use a behavioral assessment to determine which candidates will be complementary in personality and skills on a team. This aligning of team members can help alleviate the potential for conflicts.

Want to know more about implementing behavioral assessment for conflict prevention in your workplace? Talk with our team at PI Consulting Group. We can help you navigate existing potential areas of conflict and help you build a team that is conflict-resistant. Give us a call today.