Is Conflict Resolution a Challenge for Your Company?

How Conflict Resolution Advances Your Goals

Let’s face it; even the best workplaces experience conflict at some point. It’s unavoidable in many situations.conflict resolution However, you can use that conflict in your favor if you know how to harness it and have developed solid conflict resolutions strategies for your team.

In most cases, when the conflicts arise, disputes break out and productivity takes a nosedive. Employees who are normally go-getters suddenly become a weak link, and it has a trickledown effect that can hinder the whole team.

According to a report from Human Capital, employees spend nearly three hours out of every work week trying to deal with conflict. The worst cases involve an office conflict that turns personal, which is why it is important to jump on these situations before they escalate.

So, how is it that some conflicts can actually lead to opportunities? It seems counterintuitive. For one, conflict can actually lead to competition, which can be a huge stimulator for some employees. The problem is, competition can also work against productivity for other employees who simply give in and give up. You have to know which employees are going to react to it in advance.

Also, conflict can lead to problem solving. For instance, most people will avoid confrontation because they really don’t like conflict. This means that employees are skirting issues, doing what they can to just get by and not “ruffle feathers.” When it comes to a head and conflict breaks out, it becomes a catalyst for conversation where differences are aired and solutions suddenly come to light.

It’s not too much of a stretch in many organizations to say that without conflict, they wouldn’t experience further development, innovation or change. However, this only comes about when clear and effective communication is part of the process.

The best place to begin is to make sure that the employees you have working together aren’t coming from such different places that conflict becomes part of the way you get something out of them. Rather than have them each waste three hours a week trying to figure out how to stay on an even keel with each other, why not have them working together toward growth?

By using behavioral assessment solutions, you can find out what will trigger a conflict among your team members. You can begin to stack each team with people who will work together in a like-minded way and most effectively as a team instead of using conflict as a means of competition.

At PI Consulting Group, we know how to find out which employees will work best together on a team because our assessment solutions are thorough and exact. Contact us today and let’s discuss our methods, which have been scientifically proven time and again.