How to Create Happy Employees

Happy Employees Save Money, Produce Profits

happy employeesYou likely don’t need to see the research to know this is true, but according to research by Robert Half, happy employees are more productive. Despite knowing that happy employees are a plus for any organization, it’s surprising how few actually take proactive steps to ensure a higher level of satisfaction for their employees. What can you do to improve your situation?

The Robert Half research found that engaged employees who find their job satisfying are the happy employees. Not only are they happy at work, their mental health outside of the office is better. So, what does this mean for the employer? Of course, productivity is a perk, but they’re also saving money on recruiting and training costs, and they see fewer sick days as well as reduced costs for medical services.

There are a few things you can do to help employees achieve a better level of satisfaction on the job:

  • Empower your workers and recognize their efforts when they take smart risks
  • Make them feel okay about suggesting new ideas
  • Welcome brainstorming sessions and be open to all ideas
  • Give them control of their work and let them be creative
  • If someone fails, see the opportunities in lessons learned
  • Be quick to respond to someone who has taken a risk and succeeded
  • Offer constructive feedback instead of criticism
  • Make sure employees feel their work is meaningful
  • Be fair when approaching promotions (don’t play favorites)

Fortunately, many American organizations are getting it right, as the research shows, we’re in the top eight happiest workforces in the world. France, Australia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Canada and Belgium are also in there. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a better job for our employees and ourselves.

One way to figure out how to improve the happiness level of your workforce is to make sure you’re hiring the right people for your workplace culture. You can’t rely solely on a resume and a job interview to truly know how each individual is going to react to various stimuli. Instead, you need to take a deeper look and use a behavioral assessment.

A professionally analyzed behavior assessment will unlock the potential an applicant has, where their strengths are as it is related to your company and where they can use some improvement. When we know more about their work-related behaviors, we can put them in positions that improve their chances of being happy employees.

At PI Consulting Group, we have the experience and solutions you need to unlock the potential in your employees and find the right people to fill positions. We know that great teams aren’t built by chance, and we also know that putting people in the right positions means they’re going to be more productive, happier and more loyal to the employer. Let’s talk today about how we can improve the happiness levels in your workplace.