Retaining Employees With Behavioral Assessment

Retaining Employees Involves Knowing What Motivates Them

retaining employeesKeeping your best employees on the payroll can be difficult in this competitive environment where the business down the street sees potential in your best employees and is willing to do what it takes to steal them away from you. Here are a few tips for retaining employees and keeping them engaged with your company:

Recognize Good Work
Employees know what’s expected of them when they come to work every day, and they expect to be paid for that work. However, do you want them to get by just doing the bare minimum, or do you want to see more “go-getters” attacking the day and willing to go the extra mile for the company?

When you acknowledge that they’ve done something that benefits their team or the company as a whole, let them know about it. Employees, even if they’re totally confident in their position, enjoy a compliment from time to time, and it does wonders for their morale, pushing them to do more for the company than the bare minimum.

Offer Just Rewards
How are you compensating your employees? You should already have nailed down the appropriate pay for their position and their specific expertise. However, paying them the right amount is only half the battle. They want to feel like you actually want them there, and that is not just about money.

Reward them by proving that you care about them as an individual. You can do this in a variety of ways, some of which might include offering more vacation time, work from home opportunities, better health insurance, or just taking them out for a nice lunch from time to time.

Employees get frustrated when they’re not getting the feedback they need to do a job correctly. Instead of constantly correcting them, try offering more consistent feedback on how they need to be handling specific situations. Without this, they become insecure about their job and you’ll see productivity plummet.

Furthermore, the lack of effective communication also leads to an unhappy worker who will look to greener pastures in short order. Another problem that comes with bad or no feedback is they don’t think you care about them as individuals and often won’t stay in this kind of an environment.

Behavioral Assessment
Retaining employees is much easier when you know what drives them. Everyone is different and won’t react the same way when faced with a variety of situations. You can’t always spot an introvert or an extrovert easily, which means tasks you’re assigning them might go against their personality type.

With a behavioral assessment, you’re seeing deeper, unlocking the ways in which you can provide them with a positive workplace experience. Furthermore, you’ll better understand how to more effectively communicate, empower and reward them.

At PI Consulting Group, we can provide you with the behavioral assessment and analyze the results. Our science-backed method has been proven effective over and over again. Stop the guesswork and know exactly how you can retain your best employees.