Team Building: Traits That Lead to Success

What Work Habits to Look for While Team Building

When you look at the perfect team, you’ll notice everyone has a few differences and a few similarities. Some areteam building leaders while others sit back and say little yet provide a vital role in the team. However, when it comes to the act of team building, there are traits you have to show if you want to attract quality people. Furthermore, there are traits you need to look for in your employees, and this should include using behavioral assessment to find the right people.

With every team comes a team leader. How are you going to identify the leaders of your teams? There are a few traits you need to look for in these individuals, and it begins with people who are willing to empower their team. Everyone has different ways of being productive, and your leaders need to empower their team members to get the job done the way that best fits them.

A successful team is an engaged team. They become engaged because their leader shows enthusiasm through every step of the process. They’re passionate about what they do and that passion is clear and inspiring.

Your team building process should involve a leader who encourages team members. Team members aren’t always going to be fully engaged. This is when encouragement comes into play. A good leader picks up on the social cues and goes into encouragement mode to bring everyone back into the spirit of the project.

A good leader knows how to lift a team member’s self-esteem and enable them. Highly productive people often get that way through being enabled, which leads to them doing a good job, which results in higher self-esteem.

So, when it comes to identifying a leader, how can you be assured that they possess all these traits? You can’t do it through the traditional process of resume/interview. You don’t want to put someone with possible leadership skills in that position only to find out they can’t inspire and enable and empower the team.

To really get to the bottom of what makes a person tick, you need to go through the behavioral assessment process. This is a science-backed process that’s been around for decades, and it works. The assessment reveals how each employee reacts to specific day-to-day stimuli in the workplace.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted many companies in identifying the people who will make perfect team leaders. Our behavioral and cognitive assessments are scientifically validated and easy to take. Despite being so easy, they provide thousands of positive correlations between business performance and our assessments. We will analyze the results and give you clear indication of who your leaders are and which employees belong on specific teams.