Innovative Ideas for Your Hiring Process

If Your Hiring Process Isn’t Working, Maybe It’s Time to Shake it Up a Bit

It’s important for your company to have a standardized hiring process, but it can be easy to fall into a patternhiring process that’s not working for your company anymore and not realize that you’re using the wrong tools and even the wrong mindset in your approach to hiring.

Whether you’re in a growth phase or considering a reorganization, you should consider infusing your hiring process with some new ideas and new practices that help you get the team you want.

Resist hiring just to get the spot filled. Your team is stressed and overworked, and so you choose a candidate simply because they showed up and applied and they don’t have any glaring missteps on their resume. Hiring a candidate because they showed up or because they were fun to talk with during an interview is not the same as hiring the ideal candidate for a role.

Matching the best candidate to the position requires a measure of objectivity, so take advantage of tools that offer this additional perspective to your hiring process. You’re operating short-handed, so it may be a challenge to slow down enough to see candidates clearly. Use a behavioral analysis to determine the traits of a candidate and how they match with the position you’re filling.

There’s more to hiring than a salary negotiation. Stop assuming that money is the only motivator. Many of your best candidates will be ones that are looking for an employment opportunity that inspires them, or one that offers flexibility for a busy home life. You may not have a big payroll budget, but maybe you do have a way to offer remote work hours or you partner with a charity that your employees passionately support. It may not be pay or perks at all that they’re after, but a path to a C-suite position that provides the challenge and excitement they crave.

Invest in your culture. What makes your company different? Decide on the culture you want, and then make it permeate each workday. No matter what your industry is, it’s universal that employees want to be valued and they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Start focusing on culture and, if you aren’t sure how to do it, hire a consultant. It really is that important. Your best candidates are paying attention to culture, so make sure you’ve got a defined culture to offer them.

Try a group approach. If your team is putting out fires and struggling to cover the workload, it can be particularly challenging to carve out time for interviews. Instead, try inviting your candidates to a group interview and see who stands out. It won’t replace a behavioral analysis or a more detailed interview later for your best candidates, but it offers another piece of the puzzle in your understanding of who fits with your company. You also get a chance to see how candidates respond in an unusual interview situation.

If your hiring process needs a makeover, talk with our team at PI Consulting Group. We can help you identify your best candidates, but also look at your overall talent management strategy to help you maximize the effectiveness of each of your employees. Give us a call for an appointment.