Strong Team Building Starts With Knowing What Makes a Successful Team

What Google Learned About Team Building

Teams thrown together haphazardly can struggle to work together successfully. That’s why companies expend theteam building effort to know whom they are hiring before they put together a team of people who are more likely to be overcome with conflict than to pull together and achieve goals. For some interesting insights into team building, let’s look at what Google found after a couple of years researching the topic.

Called “Project Aristotle” after the Greek philosopher’s quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” Google sought to define what makes an effective team by asking, what is a team? Getting at the root of what makes an effective relationship between complex human beings is an important process.

The focus can’t be simply on the “who,” but on the “how,” meaning, it’s vital to look at how people will work together, regardless of what their resume’s tell you about them, which in the end isn’t much. Here’s what Google found:

  • Psychological Safety
    Team members take interpersonal risks when they engage with others. If they feel safe in their environment, they’re willing to take more risks and not feel like they’re ignorant or incompetent around other team members.
  • Know What’s Expected of Them
    Workers need the kind of structure that gives them the guidelines to succeed. If goals are set that are too challenging for them, they won’t feel comfortable in that team environment.
  • Accountability
    The best teams are those where the members get their work done on time and are accountable to each other.
  • Relevance
    If an employee finds no meaning in their team’s project, they’re not going to have any buy-in. Furthermore, if they aren’t compensated for their output, they will also feel a sense of detachment from the project and the team.
  • Making a Difference
    If the end goals don’t justify the effort to get there, the team will suffer.

The question then becomes, how do you approach a team-building strategy that will make sure you’re getting the right team members on the right teams? The answer lies in some deeper psychological attributes we all have, but aren’t revealed so easily. That’s why behavioral assessments make so much sense.

A behavioral assessment lets you know whom you’re dealing with before you decide where to put them. Some people have hidden leadership abilities that will be revealed, while others have attributes that make them the perfect candidate for particular types of work within a team.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve developed a scientific process where you sidestep any guesswork about team building and jump straight to fact-based decisions that will produce excellent results. Our solutions will put you on the right track for developing a strong team. Contact us today and find out what we can do for your team building process.