Is it Time to Put New Employee Retention Strategies in Place?

How to Improve Your Employee Retention Strategies

employee retentionEmployees often follow the example of their leaders, creating a situation where a lack of solid management within your company leads to employee retention issues. Some might say a solid first step in maintaining a desirable retention level is to train your managers and supervisors how to effectively communicate with employees.

However, without crystal-clear performance measures in place, you’re going to see a “blind leading the blind” situation, which means you need to create solid expectations that are tracked regularly. What else can you do to create a positive employee retention program?

An Admirable Career Path

Employees are often happiest when they have a set career development plan in front of them, because there are fewer unknowns and they have goals to look forward to. They need that vision to help them move forward.

When you nurture talent development, you see the results in lower turnover and better productivity. These are signs that the employee is happy in their role with your company and are more likely to stay with you.

Recognize Effort and Achievement

Most employees will give you an honest day’s effort for an honest day’s pay. However, if you want to improve employee retention, you must recognize and celebrate your employees’ efforts. When you see an example of great work, reward it.

Let your managers know that they need to be on the lookout for positive behaviors, because sometimes the smallest acknowledgment of a job well done can really boost the ego of the worker, and it spreads throughout the team when you prove you appreciate them.

Evaluation Plans Are Important

It’s tough to track achievement and productivity if you don’t have an evaluation plan in place. Your performance indicators will benefit you and the employee, because you’ll not only be able to reward good work, you can correct unproductive behaviors before they become a problem.

Bring the Right People on Board

How do you know if you’re hiring the right people? Sure, you can make decisions based on previous work experience, but how do you know how your new hires will fit in your work environment?

To gain more perspective, bring in a third party behavioral assessment company to assist. People are complex and it takes more than an interview and resume to figure out how they’ll do at your company. With a behavioral and cognitive assessment, you get a scientifically validated method of providing insights into what type of worker they are, where they fit in your company and if they might have the instincts you are looking for in future leaders.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve created a process to assist you with your employee retention strategy. Our behavioral assessment experts help you unlock the potential of every employee on your team and hire the right people for open positions. If you want to identify potential leaders, we’re able to assist with that as well, so contact us today.