Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

Want Happy Employees? Hire the Right People

It should come as no surprise that unhappy employees are less productive than happy employees. Unhappyhappy employees employees are also prone to frequent job changes. There are a number of ways to create a situation where employees are happier, but it helps to start by hiring people that fit your company culture from the start.

What if you could get 12 percent more productivity out of your employees? According to experts, that’s what you get out of happy employees. The bonus is that they are also likely to stick around longer, improving your retention rate.

What can you do to improve the chances of your employees being happy at work?

1. Be Flexible
Work/life balance is crucial to happiness. Some of your employees might relish in the prospect of putting in a hard day’s work as their life’s focus, but most of them are looking forward to being off the clock and doing what they want at home or elsewhere.

Feeling overworked causes stress, which leads to sickness, low productivity and missed workdays. When you recognize the need to offer them a platform that can provide a better balance, you’re on the right track. It is also valuable to be flexible about when they put in their work hours, because not every worker is going to be the most productive at the same hours.

Allow them to take their work out of the office. Make sure they know that you want them working in the environments that make them most productive, engaged and happy.

2. How’s Your Compensation?
If an employee knows there is a potential to earn more down the street, they may seek out opportunities there, especially if they’re on the cusp of unhappiness. This could include better benefits, more vacation time, more frequent breaks, work from home opportunities and salary.

Another benefit could be frequent training and further education opportunities. If you invest in them, they’ll feel a sense of loyalty to your brand because you care about their advancement.

3. Hire the Right People
Not everyone is going to fit into your company culture. Some job applicants will come to you excited to work full time, yet they know in the back of their minds that they aren’t a perfect fit. Unfortunately, you don’t find this out until later because while their resume looked great and their interview went off without a hitch, they simply didn’t fit in.

When you bring the behavioral assessment into the mix, you will find out what’s going to motivate that person, how they’ll fit into your current company culture and how they’ll perform with your existing team.

At PI Consulting Group, we have decades of experience offering behavioral assessment solutions, which are scientifically proven to make sure your new hires are the right people for the job. Furthermore, we can offer behavioral assessment solutions for current employees to help you identify which employees belong on the same teams and to discover which team members are leadership material. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we keep your business full of happy employees.