Do You Value Employee Engagement?

The Benefits of Employee Engagement for Your Company

employee engagementIt’s not uncommon for company leaders to point to their employees when asked to reveal the most valuable part of their organization. If that’s true for you as well, then how are you working toward improving employee engagement?

Maybe the term “employee engagement” gets thrown around so much that we become desensitized to it. But it is important to note that this is a crucial topic because an engaged employee will provide some benefits to the company. Let’s look at some of the reasons why its key for you to work on boosting your employee engagement:

They’re More Productive

An engaged employee is a happy employee. They want to be on your side, working toward the goals of the company. They have a sense of purpose and are therefore more productive than employees who are distant, removed and disenfranchised. Don’t be surprised if you notice a 20-plus percent productivity improvement in your engaged employees.

Less Turnover

The hiring process can be a chore, and you’re spending a lot of money on new employees, getting them trained and letting them settle in before you’re expecting too much from them regarding productivity. When you have a solid company culture and happy employees, they’re less likely to seek out work elsewhere, which means less turnover for you.

Happy Means Healthy

Unhappy employees will look for any excuse to call in sick because they just don’t want to be there. Sick days are appropriate when the need is real. However, you’ll find that your engaged employees are far less likely to use sick days when they aren’t sick.

Lessen the Stress

It’s not rocket science – happier people are less stressed. When your employees are engaged, they’re happy and less stressed out. Stress leads to sickness and burnout, which results in you having to make up for a lack of productivity and eventually, hiring someone to replace the stressed-out employee.

Improved Bottom Line

It goes without saying – the result of improved productivity is bigger profits. While looking out for the health and happiness of employees is important, many executives are held to a standard that considers profits, which is why adopting a company culture that focuses on employee engagement is part of a solid business strategy.

So, the benefits are all fairly easy to see, but how can you be sure that the people you bring into your company will fit in? You can look at their previous experiences and gain some visibility, but there are no assurances unless you know exactly how they’re going to react to workplace stimuli, particularly in your workplace. This is why companies that are focused on employee engagement are partnering with experts in behavioral assessment.

At PI Consulting Group, we work with scientifically proven methods to analyze how your prospective hires and current employees will respond to your current company culture and the teams throughout your company. Our solutions will help you determine which employees will be a good fit for specific teams, and which applicants deserve a position in your organization. All the guesswork is left on the curb, so contact us today and let’s work on your employee engagement goals.