How Can You Build a Culture That Leads to Happy Employees?

Cultivating a Team of Happy Employees

happy employeesThere are a lot of factors in a workplace that can contribute to unhappiness. From steady stress that fosters negative moods to a lack of cohesiveness among team members, or health problems that make it hard for an employee to juggle their responsibilities, there are challenges in building an environment that encourages happy employees.

While there are a lot of circumstances that you can’t control, like a star performer moving to another job or a downturn in the economy, there are some ways to cultivate happy employees among your team:

Express gratitude and give praise liberally. Acknowledge your employees’ contribution to the company’s successes, even if you’re not quite meeting goals. Praise improves confidence and helps your employees take ownership of their job and engage with the company. In addition, the practice of looking for what’s going right in your company is healthy for your own attitude and leadership in shaping company culture.

Set clear expectations. Happy employees know when they’re on the right path, and they only know this because it’s been clearly laid out for them by their supervisors. Help your employees know how to prioritize their time and tasks to give them confidence and satisfaction that they are doing their job well.

Invest in happiness in your culture. Make happiness one of the core aspects of your company’s culture by introducing ideas that invite some fun, silliness or simple satisfaction into the workplace. Introduce a Bring Your Pet to Work Day or invest in work stations according to your employees’ preferences, such as a standing desk or treadmill desk. There’s also happiness to be gained in paying for employee educational development.

You can introduce more fun elements to your work day in order to foster happiness, such as Instagram contests with a silly theme like #supposedtobeworking and have employees post pictures of their best spoofs on workplace time-wasting activities. Fun doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it’s better when it comes from the top managers. Schedule a “Fun Snack Friday” once a month, or have “Mocha Mondays”, where there’s a little something to pull people into the break room for a chat.

Invest in breaks. Schedule opportunities for your team to have a break, such as coming in later on Mondays, or working from home on one day a week. These happiness practices can help employees refocus and get perspective on their role in the company. If you can afford it, allow an employee a short sabbatical before they take on their new role in a promotion, so that they come back excited and refreshed for the new position.

Get the right people on your team. Some of the art of cultivating happy employees is simply having the right people in place. Take the guesswork out of hiring by using a data-driven tool like a behavioral analysis to determine the tendencies and motivations of a particular candidate. While it won’t replace evaluating resumes and interviewing candidates, it adds a layer of certainty that you’ve got everything you need in a candidate to foster a happy team member once they’re hired.

To learn more about building a team of happy employees, talk with PI Consulting Group. We can help you access the tools and resources to identify the right candidates for your team and create a company culture that fosters happiness. Make an appointment with us to talk more about your company.