Talent Management Strategies for Identifying Potential Top Employees

Your Talent Management Should Proactively Seek Future Stars

When you assess your team, you know that some of those team members will move on to other roles, leave fortalent analytics another opportunity or head into retirement. Yet many companies treat talent management as a reactive task, only seeking out candidates when there’s an opening or a reorganization changes the company’s needs.

Your talent management approach needs to be an area that’s always top of mind, with feelers out to look for development talent as your company grows and changes. Here are a few ideas to stoke your talent search and keep your pipeline of potential star employees flowing:

Create a referral program. Many of the candidates that otherwise would not be aware of your company might be interested after hearing from a current employee about how great it is to work there. Encourage your staff to recommend their friends and colleagues, and offer an incentive to do so. Conduct a simple training for employees, and produce a couple of simple materials that they can hand to friends that tells about your mission and what you offer employees.

Join your local coworking space. Becoming a member of the coworking space is a great way to network with a diverse group of people. You may identify someone that would be a perfect fit with the culture and mindset of your team. Even if you don’t find your ideal talent there, you’ll still be building valuable business relationships.

Discuss career aspirations. Whether it’s a quarterly coffee with your team or casual conversations at happy hour, find ways to identify people on your team that are looking toward bigger goals. If they seem to get excited talking about what kinds of opportunities they’d like to have, or if they exhibit passion for the mission of the company, be sure to take note of it.

Take advantage of online communities. From more general business sites like LinkedIn to sites geared specifically for identifying talent, like GitHub, there are great online resources for identifying talent for your company. Some of these online tools offer detailed portfolios and profiles so that you get a good sense of a person’s experience and skills.

Utilize a behavioral analysis. Using an objective tool to inform your talent management process can take a lot of the guesswork out of hiring and promoting employees. Whether you’re hiring for a CEO position or a front-line manager, you need to know if your candidate possesses the behaviors and motivations that make for great leadership.

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