4 Steps for Taking the Pain Out of the Onboarding Process

How a Behavioral Assessment Can Improve the Onboarding Process

What was once known as orientation is now widely referred to as “onboarding,” and there have been some shifts inonboarding process how organizations approach this process. It’s an important part of bringing new people into the fold, as there is great importance in making a positive first impression. Therefore, the onboarding process needs to be taken seriously.

Keep it Basic, Yet Interesting

Nobody wants to be inundated with a thousand tiny yet important facts their first day on the job. While the onboarding process can be complex, keep it simple for the new hire. There should be effort put into making the process enjoyable and relaxing while maintaining a sense of excitement.

Your goal is to make your new team member feel valued and wanted, which is why you need to stay positive. You’re going to cover important items that might not stay in their immediate memory bank, which is why you need to let them know that everything you’re discussing will be available for them to re-review through a company employee portal.

Overviews are Important

One of the most difficult aspects of joining a new organization is remembering all the names and positions of the people they’re working around and with. Some of these people will not work directly with them, but it’s important that new team members know who is who in the company because this can side step any awkwardness when the CIO makes a friendly gesture and the new person has no idea who is addressing them.

Review all the members of the leadership team with your new hires so they’ll be familiar with them before they actually meet. Again, this is information that should be available to them at a later date through the employee portal.

Personalize the Process

Paperwork is a drag, and you don’t want that first day on the job to be dominated by signing documents. By focusing on interpersonal relationships, you can avoid making a bad first impression.

One positive shift in the onboarding process includes bringing in mentors to show them the ropes on that first day. While there will be a need for some important documents to be signed, mentors help to personalize the process and bring more personality to it.

Behavioral Assessment

One way to avoid missing the mark with new hires is to ensure that the people you have coming in are a good fit to begin with. This will take some of the pressure off the onboarding process.

One of the best ways to do this is to have your applicants take part in a behavioral assessment, which is scientifically proven to show you exactly who will fit your company culture.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re predictive index and behavioral assessment experts. Our clients count on our solutions to position them with the best possible people for the job. Furthermore, our processes can also help determine which current team members are best suited to work together on the same teams. Contact us today and find out how we deliver results.