This is One Thing That’s Never Worth Sacrificing – Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Initiatives Balance Growth Goals

employee engagementEvery organization gets excited about the potential for growth. Getting new customers, pulling in more revenue and opening new locations all spark energy in a growing company. Growing fast at the expense of employee engagement is a common pitfall you’ll want to avoid if you want long-term success for your company with a solid team.

Employee engagement is achieved a lot of different ways, but it almost never happens in a grow-at-all-costs environment. You don’t want your employees to feel as if they’re simply commodities you’re using to fuel the growth of your company. While you’re working on your objectives for growth, develop these initiatives alongside them to build a healthy work environment for your team:

Doers must become managers. Often, an individual is promoted because they were good at the tasks of their job. That doesn’t mean they’re good at transitioning to management, where the responsibilities are more focused on motivating others than simply doing the tasks themselves. Be sure to equip new supervisors with the training to direct a team and help them pivot to that role.

Help employees see their effect on goals. Employee engagement is always improved by an awareness of how individual job roles contribute to the success of the company. Your employees should have a clear idea of how their own tasks are impacting company-wide goals. Going through an exercise to connect tasks to objectives may also help you root out any business processes that are unnecessary for the success of the company.

If you have team members that aren’t meeting expectations, don’t assume they are lazy or that they don’t care about the company. They may simply need a better sense of how their work impacts the greater goals of the company. Most people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and spending time defining goals and how they feed into bigger goals can help achieve this.

Take time for recognition. Don’t wait until an annual awards luncheon or stick only to development goals carved out by executives. Find ways to give employees recognition, and do it often. Employee engagement will improve as team members get a clearer picture of their impact on the success of the company.

Place team members in their ideal roles. Part of employee engagement is ensuring that each individual is in their ideal position. Utilize a behavioral assessment to match job roles with the right motivations, tendencies and behavioral traits, and place complementary personalities on teams. As you hire new team members, you’ll know how to watch for the best fit for each position because of the data you have on hand from existing employees.

PI Consulting Group works with companies like yours to boost employee engagement through the application of objective data to talent management. While a behavioral assessment will never replace every aspect of your existing hiring practices, it adds another way to gather critical information about a candidate. Contact us for more information.