5 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction Begins With Onboarding

Employee satisfaction is about so much more than a paycheck. Many employees are looking for a company whereemployee satisfaction they can have flexible hours or where they can work remotely. In many cases, satisfaction is not even found in personal benefits like these, but in a bigger picture of feeling immersed and committed to the organization and engaged in the company’s goals. Here are five ways you can boost employee satisfaction

Get them on board with a great start. Investing in your onboarding process is a good first step in engaging your employee for a long tenure with your company. While there are a lot of ways to do this, your best first move is to create a mentoring relationship for each new employee.

This can be relatively informal and short-term, or you can make it a more central element of your company culture. The point is for your new hire to have a point person that will tell them what they really want to know, like how to make sure they’re prepared for a particular meeting, or just how important it is to show up for a team activity.

Update your career technology. From onboarding to career development, there are great apps available to help you train employees, survey them about employee satisfaction, gauge where they are in their personal career development and introduce new resources you’re offering. This is a relatively inexpensive way to offer employees another tool that helps them perform their jobs better or create momentum in their professional development.

Talk about purpose. Nobody wants to go to work, do a set of tasks and go home. Your employees need to know how their contribution fits into the overall goals and objectives of the organization. When there’s an accomplishment, frame it in the context of how it contributed to the company meeting its goals. Your employees will enjoy seeing their jobs as a part of the whole, rather than an isolated set of tasks.

Ask for their feedback. This is a relatively inexpensive step that can create growth opportunities, if you can handle it. For most leadership teams, the hurdle is hearing that there’s room for improvement in an area, but it is transformational when employees believe that their voices are being heard and that their suggestions are implemented. It’s difficult to hear criticism, but it provides a lot of opportunity to hear from your employees.

Match employees to their ideal roles. There are tools you can utilize to get an objective view of your employees and better align them in their positions. A behavioral assessment is a useful resource for aligning candidates with a job, but it also works well for improving employee satisfaction. You may find that a struggling employee isn’t faltering because they’re not committed to the organization, but because they’re simply misaligned in their assignments.

To learn more about improving employee satisfaction and how The Predictive Index can assist your efforts, talk with our team at PI Consulting Group. Whether you’re hiring or you’re simply looking for ways to optimize your talent management, we can help.