Is it Time to Update Your Onboarding Process?

Predictive Index Improves Your Onboarding Process

The onboarding process, through which new employees are trained to do their jobs and are acclimated to theonboarding process company culture, was found to be lacking in a report by Human Capital Institute and Kronos. Of the 350 human resources leaders surveyed, 76 percent said they do not have a robust onboarding process.

The study found that almost 40 percent of onboarding programs only handle paperwork-related items, such as filling out insurance forms, compliance documents and benefit forms.

The onboarding process needs to give new employees the time they need to fit into the company culture. What actually happens when everything is focused on paperwork is they experience a “baptism by fire” situation where they’re thrown into the mix and are expected to be up and running quickly.

As a part of the onboarding process it is important to allow the new people to acclimate by having meetings with stakeholders and senior managers in the company. Involve them in team-building activities and a total “people approach” that focuses less on small talk and more on developing connections and firm relationships.

An older study by the Wynhurst Group remains valid today: it found that for organizations that had a strong onboarding process there was a 60 percent more likely chance they would have their employees stay with the company for three-plus years.

Unfortunately, many organizations are not in a good position for strong onboarding processes. The people expected to take control of such processes are already bogged down with work and don’t have the time to adequately give to the process. For those who do have an onboarding strategy in place, it’s sometimes inconsistently practiced, which leads to less productivity and worse employee retention.

Fortunately, the onboarding process can be made easier and more effective by bringing in the right people to fill open positions. Companies that utilize a predictive index for new hires are finding their onboarding times much more manageable, meaning their new hires are almost hitting the ground running. Obviously, there still needs to be a strategy in place to get them acclimated to the new environment, but there are definitely more assurances that the people brought in through a behavioral assessment are going to be a better fit for the position and the culture of the company.

The predictive index is scientifically proven to help find the right new hires and pinpoint current employees who have the assets of a future leader in the company. After hundreds of validation studies, more than 7,000 positive correlations have been found between business performance and assessments.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the predictive index experts who know a lot about workplace behaviors. Our experienced consultants will ensure that you’re developing the right people for management positions, bringing in the best new members for specific teams and identifying those who will fit your company culture.