Four Tips for Improving Your Company Culture

Strengthening Company Culture Can Improve Productivity and Employee Retention

company cultureAlmost 64 percent of employees, according to a survey by TruPath, say their company doesn’t have a strong company culture, which can lead to worker dissatisfaction and reduced employee retention, as well as lower productivity.

The organizations that get it right all have a few things in common:

  • They are Inclusive
    A workplace divided by race and gender is not attractive to up and coming professionals who want to work for organizations that are inclusive. Despite the fact that older generations have been brought up in a less than inclusive environment, the younger generation wants to be in a multi-generational atmosphere. The more input they get from a variety of different individuals, the more fulfilled they are.
  • Top-Notch Communication
    Among the top traits of organizations with thriving company culture is their ability to effectively communicate across the organization. There is a platform for everyone to share ideas and there is a willingness among management to actually listen. In fact, thriving companies become that way by taking the lead of their employees who are “in the trenches” daily and can accurately report on what clients are saying, which can influence the direction of the organization.
  • Leaders Set an Example
    Walking the walk has never applied to a situation more than when it concerns leadership being a sparkling representation of what the company culture is on a daily basis. If there is not 100 percent buy-in from management, nobody is going to truly believe the company culture, as stated, is anything but a ruse.
  • Hiring Smart
    To truly develop a workplace where everyone is on board with the same ideals, you can’t engage in guesswork when it comes to the hiring process. Hiring random people in hopes that the onboarding process will get them up to speed will likely not produce the results you are looking for. When you use scientifically proven methods of identifying people who will react appropriately to your workplace stimuli, you need to use a behavioral assessment.

The predictive index process is much more than a personality test. It’s a behavioral assessment that breaks down the extreme complexities involved in the human mind where workplace behaviors are related. You need to ensure that your employees are aligned with your company culture, and this is the way to screen your applicants to ensure that they are a good fit.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve worked with clients for decades to help them bring in the right applicants, establish teams that work well together and identify employees who should be groomed for leadership. We know your work demands that you have a team of people who can work through conflict and thrive on the ideas that all team members bring to the table. Let us help you find those people for you.