Meet Your Company Goals With the Predictive Index

Using the Predictive Index Helped Mattress Direct Meet Growth Goals

Ask any business owner what their key to success is and they’ll probably tell you it’s their employees. Whilepredictive index continuous training and education efforts will help expand an employee’s knowledge base and make them a more valuable asset, hiring the right people in the first place puts employers well ahead on the path to success. The predictive index is the science-based method through which successful organizations meet their goals.

The predictive index is a unique blend of scientific assessments, non-complex software, professional consulting by behavior experts and management workshops. This assists managers in working through business challenges, because the predictive index can predict cognitive ability and personality characteristics, both of which are important in building teams that will bring their own specific qualities to a project for a successful end.

If you want to hire and retain the best talent, the predictive index is your key to success. When you utilize this tool, you’ll find that you are filling your talent pipeline with the right job candidates without the guesswork that usually goes into the process. It’s finding the people who align with your shared company values.

While bringing aboard the right people for a fresh start is important, future leaders set you up for success in the future, and this is also something that the predictive index helps your company do.

As an example of a company that put these tools to work and found success, look at Mattress Direct. This start-up established itself as a high-energy business that needed the right people to get on the path to fast growth. By using predictive index tools, that’s exactly what happened.

For Mattress Direct, the hiring process was troubling at first because they were hiring what seemed to be the right sales candidates, only to find out later the sales styles just didn’t match. Once they added the science of predictive index to the process, it helped leadership in the company see the patterns in specific positions, which informed how they approached the way they communicated with applicants and current employees.

Accuracy is awesome, and when you’re trying effect change in an organization, you need accuracy on your side, particularly when it comes to how you’re building and communicating with teams. You need to know if there is conflict that you have the right people on the team to work together to solve that conflict and come out with positive results in the end.

At PI Consulting Group, we assist clients in using predictive index methodologies for hiring better talent, retaining that talent and identifying future leaders. We are a certified PI partner with the experience it takes to get the most out of the process. If it’s optimized performance you’re looking for in your workforce and future leaders with the right stuff, we can assist you in attaining that. Furthermore, with our methods, you’re going to experience improved employee retention.