It Takes All Types to Build Success, But Company Culture Must Remain Intact

The Importance of Preserving Company Culture

Don’t compromise your company culture by hiring the wrong personalities.A high functioning team doesn’t thrive without a number of components going the right way. Your employees need to not only have the right skill sets and drive, they also need to be fully invested in company goals, company initiatives and company culture.

However, each team member more than likely thrives under different conditions. For instance, your extroverted workers probably have no problem being in the middle of a busy set of cubicles where there is a lot of interaction with others throughout the majority of the day. Your introverted workers will more than likely strive for more independent roles with less hustle and bustle. Can they perform their duties on the same squad while living up to the values of the company culture?

The Predictive Index Method

With the predictive index, you can determine how your teams should be aligned. Just because one person is an introvert and another is an extrovert doesn’t mean they can’t be highly valuable members, working toward the same objectives.

Each team will have different strengths that they bring to the group, which you need to nurture. Utilizing the predictive index can help you recognize those strengths if they weren’t immediately noticeable, but it also gives you the information you need to know how to nurture those strengths. For example, management styles can’t be a one-size-fits-all scenario because people are motivated differently. Some prefer a constant barrage of direction while others need a more independent approach.

Behavioral Assessment for the Win

Utilizing a behavioral assessment and professional assistance from those who are steeped in the predictive index method, your organization can hire smarter, ensuring that your new hires are a good fit with your company culture. Companies that embrace the predictive index are more apt to bring the right people on board, which means their turnover rates are much more attractive than companies that don’t use a predictive index.

When you find the right people who fully accept and embrace your company culture, you’re going to enjoy a group of people who are productive, happy, ready and willing to help you redefine what growth is for your organization.

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