4 Tips for a Stronger Onboarding Process

Improving Your Onboarding Process With Predictive Index

By using the predictive index, you can improve the results of your onboarding process.Behind every highly successful team is a solid foundation, and that foundation is held together by a strong onboarding program. When is the last time you evaluated your onboarding process?

The following are tips you can consider as you look deeper at the way you bring new employees into the mix, assimilate to your company culture and develop relationships with other team members.

1. Automating for More Impact
Orientation doesn’t have to be a complete hassle, but it sometimes is as the paperwork must be filled out properly and all the rules and regulations are covered. One approach is to have all the paperwork filled out before they ever set foot in your facility. Forward-thinking organizations will send out all the paperwork before the new hire’s first day, leaving them to do more meaningful things on their first day. However, there are also automated processes that can be of assistance.

Your human resources team should have the right technology on their side to help them track the hiring and onboarding process through every step of the way. These are the tools that help your managers assist their employees in managing their own onboarding process. It’s an empowering tool just as much as it is an onboarding tool.

2. Recognizing Skillsets
You need to track the progress of your teams and the individuals in them. This will help you address their needs before their productivity is negatively impacted. When you track how each team member’s skillsets work with others, you also put yourself in a better position to build better teams. For a new employee still going through the onboarding process, you’ll need to know their skillsets before putting them with others as they work toward the same goals.

3. Personalize It
You’re going to want to fill your current employees in on the person coming in. You can do this in an email, but be sure to include fun and perhaps some random details in it about the new person. This will inspire your team members to approach the new person and strike up a conversation that will be meaningful and welcoming. It’s an onboarding task that gets lost on many, but should be an important part of the process.

4. Use Predictive Index
Some people just aren’t meant to be on your team. They might have a sparkling resume and great work experience, but they just won’t ever be the right fit for your company culture. Furthermore, they’ll never fully fit in with your employees and will likely be unproductive and leave your company soon.

A better option is to use the predictive index to make sure you’re hiring the right person the first time. The predictive index utilizes a behavioral assessment, which is quick and easy to take, and when analyzed by experts, you will find out exactly how they’re going to react to stimuli in the workplace.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the predictive index experts that can assist you with a smooth onboarding process. Contact us today and find out how.